Why Does Humanity Deny Black Man Legacy?

In the world we today, one of the major realities of the society is racism, which qualifies people with darker skin as black men especially those from Africa and people with fair skin white especially those from European countries. This has been one of the controversial issue in the society where an average white man sees black men as the secondary set of people in the society. They tend to believed that blacks intellectual quotients are very low compares to theirs. That is why the issue of racism has never died, it has just moved from one set of upgrade to another. It is the same slave trade but in the 21 century format.

My article here is not to castigate or point accusing finger to anyone for this. But I am here to advocate that humanity owes the black races a lot of apologies for stealing her achievements and denying her ingenuity because it has been well painted that white men are the ones inventing great things to ease humanity but record has it that black race has contributed more to this quota some are denied as black originators.

Record has it that a black man invented Traffic Light and the Gas Mask, his name is Garett Augustus who was African-American inventor.  According to Libertywritersafrica.com, he is the origin of the urban traffic revolution. He invented the traffic light signs which are today still used to ensure safety on our roads. He invented the gas mask with which we can protect ourselves from toxic gases and also invented the hair relaxer among many other things.

In the Stevie Wonder song Black Man, the Motown star sings of Benjamin Banneker as the first clock to be made in America was created by him who is a black man

In the internet world, black people are seen as backward people but a black woman whose name is Dr. Croak invented what we all know and use as Internet Voice calls which is called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that allows voice calls and multimedia session on the internet.

Another thing you want to know in the science scene is that a black woman whose name is Dr. Jane Cooke Wright was the one who made a breakthrough in the use of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer.

Other inventions by black men include: Mobile Refrigerator by Frederick Jones, Global Positioning System (GPS) was invented by Dr. Gladys West, also a machine that creates clean water from moisture in the air by Moses West and of course Jesse Eugene Russell the Black Man who invented the Digital Cell phone.

There is no field in human existence that Black people have not pioneered great inventions, even though these facts were made to be hidden painting the blacks as secondary in order to attest that whites are better than black.

In your own opinion what could be the reason for the hidden and denial of black man great inventions? Use the comment box below.





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