Welcome to the month of festivities!

The month of december is often known for festivities, a period when everyone is busy celebrating one thing or the other. Not only is december always filled with merriment, it also happens to be the month that users in the next calendar year. However, we often get so engulfed in the festive atmosphere that the month creates so much that we forget that the arrival of december is also an indication that a new year is fast approaching and as a result of this, most people enter the new year unprepared.

As it is evident in the fact that majority make their new year resolution, goals and plans during the new year. The effect of which includes inability to actualize these goals at the end of the day. Have you ever pondered on how in the beginning of nearly each year, people set for themselves goals, aims and objective as well as make plans on how to achieve them in what is now commonly referred to as “new year resolution” but however fail to actualize bulk of it at the end of the year? Or perhaps have you been a victim?

The reality is that most of this resolutions are born out the ecstatic frenzy of the new year jamboree, out of the ephemeral delight of being fortunate enough to witness another year, not out of a serious-minded determination to get something done. As a result of this, most of this so called new year resolutions are not carefully thought out and are therefore designed to fail. Think back a little to those things that were part of your “new year resolution” for 2018 but which you fail to achieve. Do you want this cycle to continue or are you willing to give room for an improved change?

Another december is here again, which means a new year – 2019 – is already knocking. While you take your time to celebrate yuletide and other host of festivities that usually accompanies december, do take a few moments to carefully prepare for the coming year. Don’t wait until January 1st 2019 before you start sketching out plans for the new year. Always remember, the earlier the better.

From all of us at fatherland gazette, we wish you a merry Christmas and prosperous new year!






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