WEEKEND GROOVE: Tears in the face of Africa

The theme for this edition of weekend groove is #Tears in the face of Africa with the written style of an anthology of sonnet.

AFRICA; Savvy of an orphan boy
Waking up to a bright day
In darkened heart of ray
Not knowing the outcome of the day
Oh Africa!
Pathetic, un-ruling states
Ruling states of dictators
Underdeveloped, developing of developed
Primitive, retrogressive, retarded
Slavery mentality, Poverty energized
Basic needs becomes unsparing
Daily savvy of an orphan boy
Full of obscure future
Will I end like my ancestor?
Asked, the poor boy

Oluwaseun Afolabi (Nigeria)

A women in birth pangs.
The agony of death and poerty haunts her womb.
Her tears fall on this dead ground hoping to fertilize the ground.
Yet prosperity is in her DNA.
The african house where children love eachother yet fight over a piece of bread.
Africa our motherland.
You were the refuge for baby Jesus.
Yet your Son’s act as dictators over their own.
But we scramble for bread as poverty makes waves like the ocean.
A mother with bothe the poor and rich.
Someday your new generation will make you smile.
Even the children from the west drinks from your fountains.
Like new born babies they suck on your breasts of nuture.
Africa your tears brings hope.
Africa a mother to the motherless.

James the Poet (Namibia)

My mountainous view
I climb the mountain of africa
I look at the view from above
I see a country i love

Tears start falling down my cheeks
One by one out of my eyes they leak
The tears come first one is pride

Pride of a country with so much diversity
And so much humanity

Another tear comes down one of sorrow for the huge amount of crime from the past present the future of tommorrow

One more tear comes down one of joy
The joy of a country full of colours
The joy of someone giving a child a toy

Lauren Van Heerden (South Africa)

Killings in Somalia,
Kidnappings in Nigeria,
Lawlessness in Ghana.
Will this cycle ever end?

The wicked wants to remain,
Forever in power.
Tomorrow is here,
Where are the said leaders?

Blood and tears abound,
On a continent this blessed?
Even the righteous are silent,
Should we continue this trend?

Yes, a circle never ends,
But this cycle is ugly!

@Lex ‘Posimi (Nigeria)

Mama Africa
A mother like no other
Holding on to secrets she dear not to share
And nothing to fear
When sick at heart
We see plants and animals die
The sorrow it bares
When she cannot provide wares
That warm smile that seem to cover her despair
But then again heal a broken heart
She is great
And am blessed to have

Shine Esther (Sierra Leone)


So lonely like a widow,
Once prided in the universe
Now a bounded slave
All her splendor’s gone!
All her lovers gone!
No one ever suffered like this

Passer by watches in scorn
Her enemies chant mockery
Her children taking prisoners of war
She’s a waiting prey to be pounced
Her flesh is open raw
See her gnashing her teeth
It’s a carnival of terror
There’s tears on the face of Africa.
Akoji Marygold

Frustration is an understatement
A life of the rich yet so poor
Too poor the future looks tainted with drips of blood
With no land nor mine to call ours in the motherland
We fought and shouted with pride
Our own will lead us
Slowly and slowly they leaked their hearts With gold that we have in its purest
Without pity they loot and loot
And teach us of rights and all sophistication
They lead to give and give to themselves
While we languish in extreme poverty
Is help a person
Or should I regret the power of my vote

Tanya Marabada

Africa: The Sad and Resourceful.
Behold the face of mother Africa,
So devastating for she couldn’t meet needs,
Ever gloomy for her children desire to desert her,
For her future seems so dim.

Prosterity potentials in peril,
With Intellutual and natural resources depleting,
She’s gradually becoming heritage for poverty,
She needs help cause she’s sinking,
Who would help salvage the wreck?

Take her children outside her continent,
What you see – their ground breaking feat,
An excruciating pain to be ancient pride,
Now nothing glorious about her Excellency,
How she’s gotten to this, she can’t say.

Meshioye Michael (Nigeria)

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