We were once here

In this land of vivacious air

Where time forever sails through eternity

Like an unshackled bird in obscure captivity

We were once here


In this same world so dear

Where night and day endlessly sail the universe

Like a mythical ballad with an unending verse

We were once here


In this same savannah adorned with gorgeous orchards

Known for adorable scents and gleaming daffodils

Where farmers see not the top of their palm trees

And the flow of rivers like blood in human veins


On this same street of untold mysteries and fear

Where further lights causes darkness to increase

And wealth sings, the tune poverty must dance,

We were once here


Back and forth; here and there

We grew castles raised above the firmament

Like a king whose throne is made permanent

We were once here


At every yuletide, even at New Year

Troubled with joy, we perished in ecstatic delight

As though our existence was not for a moment

Aye! We were once here


Like the ephemeral roar of a forgotten thunderstorm

We once were here and now are gone home

Leaving tainted history books to tell those on earth

To Whisper aloud, “We trailed this grubby path”


As it is written, “we once were here”

Your leave should you prepare







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