“My nomination goes to Khalid.” 

“Mine, as well. He’s worthy of the post.”

One would expect Khalid to be the guy standing with his shoulders raised and a smile on his lips while walking gallantly to the stage. No one would expect him to be sitting quite alone in the last row in the hall looking uncomfortable and hiding under the shield of his baseball cap like he was invisible. The other one walking with his head positioned well on his head is Victory who was already confident of victory. A wink!

After the election officer for the role of the class governor made the announcement of the vacant space, he added that interested candidates could nominate themselves while the other members of the class can also make a nomination based on the qualities they deem as necessary. Most people knew Victory had an eye for the position but were surprised when the timid Khalid’s name came up. It was murmured that Khalid would reject the nomination seeing as he was clearly uncomfortable with it. To the surprise of many, he boldly walked up to the stage.

“This moment is where the nominees will tell the class of their plans and qualifications to be considered for the vacant post. It shall be done according to the emergence on the stage so Victory, you’re to go first.” The election officer said while handing the microphone to Victory who was by his left.

Collecting the microphone, Victory began his speech; his manifesto so to be called. “First, I’d like to thank you for throwing the opportunity out and providing us with this platform to indeed choose who we will be working with. Now to proceed with the main purpose of this speech, I’ll like you all to take it from the obvious confidence that I exhibit. A trait that could be courtesy of the post I hold in the faculty as public relations officer. I take it that from the way I have performed in that office, you will be convinced of my capability to perform as the class governor. Might I add, a post lower than the former that I’ve held. Thank you. He arrogantly ended” 

“Right, right, right, we can keep our voices to ourselves now.” The officer said while trying to reduce the noise emanating from the cheers and shouts of the class. When the noise subsided, he went on, “ Thank you for the short yet lengthy speech Victory. Now the microphone is yours, Khalid, convince your colleagues to vote for you.” He handed the microphone over to Khalid.

Guess who just stood with the microphone in hand but no sound for about 15 seconds? Yes, that was our dear nominated Khalid.

“Good day everyone. As most of us already know, I’m Khalid Gbolahan by name. Though I was nominated by some of you, I wouldn’t want this to be the mere basis of my win if elected. I want us to first understand that I am a student like you all and as a matter of fact, coursemates. I want to let you all know that my worthiness of this post isn’t merely with my interactions with some of the persons that nominated me but also due to the actions I’ve been seen to perform and the skills I’m known to possess. One of such action is the rapport with the other members of the faculty, the lecturers and faculty management in general. There will be no reason for our voices to be unheard when the time and need arise. Also…”, he paused to take a breath. “I am an easygoing person that works well in teams and will see to it from my end, that all the necessary actions that need prompt reaction will be speedily taken. Lastly, I’d implore us all to vote for the best candidates irrespective of our sentiments if any. Thank you.” He kept holding on to the microphone before giving it to the officer whose hand had been outstretched since the “you”.

Taking it and again calling for the silence of the class, the officer stated, “All right, we have heard our candidates speak on why to cast your vote in their favour. Kindly do the needful in the next 30 minutes whereon the results will be announced. May the best man win.” He ended while exiting the stage to sit with his fellow officers whose seats were set up at the far right corner of the class.

Who would have your vote and possibly win?

Fathia Abolore Yusuf

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