Unarmored Body

Authority is not infallible
Why act like this is true
Some Badges pulling triggers
Really don’t have a clue
How to deal under pressure
Make decisions filled with stress
That Badge is so much more
Than jewelry on your chest

It means we hold you higher
Than the average citizen
This killing of unarmed humans
Has really got to end
You have to change the steps
Police policy and procedures
This death trend cannot continue.

Guns blaze in rage and anger
Leaving another dead
As bullets pierce a body without armor,
Leaving everyone asking the bitter question
Why has no one understand the pain of a mother?

Tears held back to show courage as so called serve and protect
Caused some damage in anger and pain feeling brokenhearted,
Left a brother with a gun in outrage.
In a police car while handcuffed
Or in the jail cell of a town I only know the name of.
Because I have to drive through it
To get home, yes, I may be at risk.
But I promise you, I trust the maggots
Who live beneath the floorboards of my house
To do just what they want to any carcass
More than I trust an officer of the law
To shut my eyes like a man
Of God might,
Or to cover me with a sheet.



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