Nigeria is currently faced with quite a number of challenges that daily threaten to disrupt national unity and coexistence which was hard earned. Going by history, war is a very lucrative business with a devastating and lasting consequence. The effect of war is greatly damming on the masses while the elite who are usually its proponent are heavily protected from harm. Over the years, the rumbles and destruction left behind by wars long fought are still seen while the resulting pains and agonies are also fresh in the hearts of the innocents who became victims of cross fire.

Our gallant troops are regularly commanded to fight a war they never caused all in the name of protecting their father’s land and honoring the oat taken to defend her with their lives. According to reports and visual evidences, they are sent to the battlefield with crude instruments, sometimes without sleep or food, bravely and tactically, they protect us so the citizens can have a place they call home. Many of our gallant troops are killed or severely injured while others are captured and ridiculed by the sworn enemy of the country.

Few years back, Boko Harem insurgents were the focal point of security discussions by experts and technocrats. Still predominant in the North eastern states, many anxiously await the end of this menace. Millions of dollars are being set aside for the defense of our territory but little results are seen. Instead, military chiefs who are expected to provide quality and high grade fire power for our gallant troops are constantly being invited by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on accusations of misappropriation of funds and corruption charges. Irrespective of these courage wrecking actions by these military heads, our soldiers still go in search of the enemy and hit them with everything they have.

In recent times, aside from the unending fight against Book haram insurgents, there seem to be another imminent crises rising fast which also threatens the peaceful coexistence of Nigerians. The famer-herdsmen’s crisis which has claimed lots of lives seems to be gaining momentum thereby birthing an enhanced wave of banditry and kidnapping. The crisis is gradually placing the North against the South and vice versa. An indication of an impending doom if not checked and tamed.

The call for secession has been refueled by the daily and rising casualties of this clashes. Poor innocent citizens are being thrown into mourning while their pains are being politicized by individuals who have a lot to gain if war occurs in the land. These persons know they and their family are safe from danger as most of them reside in safe havens outside the shores of the country. The children of the poor are being utilized to fuel their selfish interest thereby resulting in the death of other masses. While all this is going on, who are those called to protect the lives of citizens? Security personnel.

“The labor of our heroes past, shall never be in vain”. This is a line in our national anthem and that’s why this medium is used to remember our fallen heroes. They laid down their lives for the unknown without a second thought. And to our gallant troops and other security personnel who truly fight for peace and face imminent dangers for the safety of a larger community, we say thank you.

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