The end of the year is upon us and irrespective of the challenges and hardship experienced by Nigerians, our doggedness and innate survival instinct gives us hope for a better tomorrow. As accustomed to majority, December is a period to execute plans on how and where to unwind and most importantly, have quality fun time with family and friends.

In previous times, majority prefer to travel out of the country during festive periods thereby resulting in economic loss and downgrading of our local tourist centers. So to save economic cost, here are some places in Nigeria where we can experience fun and bond with families during this festive period. The list is specifically selected for lovers of nature, art, traditions and excitement.

Okomu National park:

Okomu National Park is about 200 km² of wildlife sanctuary, a rainforest ecosystem that is the habitat for many endangered species of flora and fauna. The white throated monkey which is one of the rarest monkeys in the world today is found at the park as well. The park is located in the south west local government area of Edo state.

Tinapa business and leisure resort:
This is an ideal place to treat the kids to pure and undiluted fun. From diving into the exhilarating excitement of the Ocean Bomber, to keeping up with the fast pace of the Mini Basketball. The water park, the nollywood studio, the fisherman’s wharf, shopping complex and many more are present to make your visit a memorable one. The resort is located in the heart of cross river state.

Oguta lake holiday complex:

Oguta lake is Nigeria’s second largest lake. It is a popular tourist spot as the lake is a beautiful blue colour, and is neither salty nor home to crocodiles, makingOguta lake it Ideal for swimming and water sports.
The complex runs a cruise service giving visitors a chance to get out onto the lake. Aside from the lake, the complex is known for its full sized, 18hole golf course. There is also a children’s recreation park.

Portharcourt tourist beach:

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the city of Port Harcourt. It is built in the year 1988 along the lines of Kolabi Creek. The artificial white sands, the real waves, the real feel make the most of the beach. Many tourists come here to plan a picnic and many come to just take a walk. The white sand and crystal clear sea water make the beach look more appealing.

Both are terra kultureTerra kulture:

Terra kulture is a leading art, culture, lifestyle and educational centre in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos. Over the years, terra kulture has established itself as a nerve center of Nigeria theater. It’s holds stage production every Sunday throughout the year. It is a wonderful place to experience art and theater.

Afi mountainAfi mountain wildlife reserve:

Afi Mountain wildlife reserves provides good sights to capture, explore nature and wildlife.  In it are endangered primates including the most endangered gorilla subspecies, the Cross River gorilla e.t.c. There are many variety of animal wildlife present here. It is also a very beautiful place to connect with nature. Afi Mountain is listed as an IBA (Important Bird Area) for Nigeria and hosts one of the largest migratory swallow roosts in Africa.

Nike artNike art gallery

With arts and crafts dating back centuries, Nike’s art gallery poses as one of the best preservation venues for Nigeria’s ancient traditional values and symbols. Whether you are an enthusiast of African arts, a specialist in the arts, or merely interested in a brief immersion in a new culture. Nike offers the opportunity to see Nigeria with fresh eyes. The gallery provides an avenue for Nigerians to remember and learn more about their old traditional values and also gives foreigners the opportunity to discover amazing things about African traditions. The gallery is situated on the Lagos Island. The building sits at no.2 elegushi road.

Wonderland parkWonderland amusement park and resort

Wonderland Amusement Park and Resort is located at Off Constitution Avenue, Opp. National Stadium, Abuja. The park has got a leisure garden for relaxation, a restaurant called the fulani ranch, forest cafe and also the shisha cafe, which offers unique and delicious meals. Also available at the park is the elaborate arcade building known as the Fun city arcade.

IITA forest reserve Ibadan

Located just a short journey northward in the city of Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is not only a research site but also a huge leisure establishment that is renowned as a bird watcher’s’ paradise. Embalmed with the pleasant fragrance of nature on every side, the institute provides a haven for tourists and nature lovers to explore the different effects nature has on our environment, our food and other animals. Your visit to IITA Forest reserve depends on what you might want to see; Visiting during the rainy season, affords you the opportunity to catch the trees and shrubs in full green and learn more about agriculture while visiting during the dry season gives you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of rare migrating birds. Visiting the reserve early in the day is advisable because it gives you the opportunity to take a tour of the forest alone or with a tour guide, while learning and exploring agriculture.

JhalobiaJhalobia recreation park and garden

Jhalobia Recreation Park & Gardens is a haven of carefully planned park and garden space with its beautiful, unspoilt, tranquillity in the heart of boisterous Lagos. It is located on Murtala Muhammed Airport Road, Lagos. The two-acre park is a tapestry of beautiful and functional garden features such as the ever-green lawns, walk ways, topiaries of different shapes, sculpture, water falls, fountains, ponds, rock gardens, gazebos of different sizes of exotic trees, palms and flowers, it also has a children’s playground equipped with play toys. The park is known for its expansive space for guests and it beauty.

In conclusion, while researching and compiling these tourist sites, there was need to lay aside the already known tourist attractions and encourage families to explore and visit these not too pronounced sites. The need for fun can’t be overemphasized so, efforts should be made to utilize this festive period, enjoy and create quality moments with family. Compliment of the season.

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