Time (Poem)

Time is of the essence
Always in the presence
Time is most valuable
Trying to catch up with it is desirable

Time goes by so fast
When you look again it’s in the past
Yet it can be very slow
Tic tock is how it goes.

#Lauren Van Heerden

So we live our moments in thick and thin
Fate and fame standing side by side
Winning our race is a test of time


It could be so cruel
Not once, not twice
Running past so fast
That we lost count


Time moves and skips no beat
Keeping the same rhythm
Tick-tock again and again.
Time is so gentle, yet can’t be tamed
Can’t be controlled but respected by young and old
Time is full of mysteries and surprises


Time is a circle
A never-ending cycle
It comes and again it goes
To and fro as ardent doves
Time is a fruit that is eternal
But its taste always is ephemeral

Time is a prudent farmer
Tilling the field of karma
She pays what it owes
And reaps what it sows
Time is the old god of fortune
And the callous herald of misfortune

Time is me and you
Waking up each day anew
With hopes, dreams and nightmares

In the end, Time is all it takes
To live, die and be forgotten
Like the mist of a bygone season
For Time is all that matters


©Rune Nations

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Mwesigwa Emmanuel
Mwesigwa Emmanuel
May 10, 2021 11:06 am

Really it is so amazing