December is naturally filled with jamborees of various magnitude. It is perhaps the most festive month of every year. Aside from Christmas and pre-new year festivities, most people prefer to have their wedding, get-together, vacation and other cheerful activities in December. Little wonder there’s hardly a weekend in December that is free of social gathering. Apart from the overwhelming festivities, December is also a month full of religious activities, as people often tend to be more religious at this time of the year. However, for the purpose of this month’s editorial, our primary focus will be on the festivities.

One of the most important aspect of our lives is fun, it is very important to enjoy life and relish the moment while it last. Therefore, if you are wondering why you should participate in the various December festivities, probably because you haven’t achieved much in 2019, remember, it’s not about how far, but how well. Moreover, as long as you do not relent but keep going, you will eventually get to your destination. What you failed to achieve in 2019 can still be achieved in 2020, so instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself, try to have fun and celebrate the little wins.

While we have fun enjoying the moment, we should not forget that December is also an indication that the curtain is about to be lowered, the year is about to end and a new one is already at the door, waiting to take the wheels. The best way to guarantee better success in the coming year is better preparation and more commitment to achieving set goals. Thus, it will be unwise to make use of this entire month for merriment. Take considerable time to reflect on your successes and failures in 2019 and how you can better achieve your desired result in 2020.

Many will agree that ‘new year resolution’ has been overrated and abused over the years so much that it hardly has any significant meaning today. However, that is not to say that it is completely useless, outdated or irrelevant. As a matter of fact, new year resolution is much more relevant now than it ever was, especially when you take the fact that life is more complicated now than ever and it take greater level of planning to achieve success in the world today.

The only problem today with new year resolution is that people don’t actually stay committed to it. Plans do not naturally materialize unless you actively make them happen. Therefore, if or when you decide to make plans for the coming year, remember to add commitment to it.

To conclude, irrespective of your situation, activities or engagements, in this month of December, be sure to have fun.

From all of us at fatherland gazette, we wish our esteemed readers a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance!




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