Few months back the entire world began celebrating the beginning of a new era, the 2020s and at that time everything seemed fine, for developed countries, economies where doing well as expected and our developing part of the world only had to worry about its usual challenge – poverty, unemployment, violence and a couple of other social maladies. Little did we know that a virus was lurking around waiting to knock the world off balance. Had we known, perhaps the world would have been better prepared. Be that as it may, the crisis is already here and from all indications it might get worse, hence the best we can do at a delicate time as this is to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

Since its global outbreak, the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread like wildfire across virtually all parts of the world without regard for age, sex, race or creed, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and killing thousands with some countries particularly in Europe recording hundreds of deaths each day. Considering that the virus began in the city of Wuhan in China in late 2019 and has spread to virtually all parts of the world in less than four months, one can easily conclude that the world is indeed a global village.

While there has been various narratives and conspiracy theories surrounding the spread of the virus, it remains clear that the virus is a pandemic that has raised global concern and requires the collective action of governments, international bodies, corporate organization and individuals to overcome. Which is why it is important for everyone to play his or her role in curtailing the spread and eventually defeating the virus. One of the realities that the pandemic has revealed is that we are all humans faced with similar survival challenge even though we might not look the same or speak similar language.

At every point in the history of man, there has always been a challenging time, an era in which the survival of the human race is threatened. One major characteristics in each of this moment is man’s resilience, his innate ability to adapt and overcome such existential threat. Thus, while it might seem like the pandemic has no end in sight, while the pandemic might seem to cause economic, social and political hardship for individuals, businesses and governments around the world, we should remain resilient, full of hope, knowing that we will win this war and emerge stronger than ever. Play your role to prevent the spread of coronavirus, maintain constant hygiene and keep hope alive. Sooner or later, the world will get back on its feet and normalcy will be restored.

Happy New Month from Fatherland Gazette.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

April 2020 Editorial


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