The Time for Reflection Is Now

The sun is about to set, dusk is rapidly approaching. With just four months left, the year 2020 is gradually taking its place in history and will soon become as one of the many years that had previously come. Considering all that had happened in the year so far, there is no gainsaying that 2020 has been one of a kind and devastating for many individuals, businesses and nations who by now are already counting their losses.

There have been several unexpected twists and turns that have negatively impacted the initial plans of virtually every one for the year and as well continues to reflect in our present-day reality. Even as we continue to do our best to adapt to our rapidly changing world, there is still just enough time in the year for reflection and readjustment to ensure that the year 2020 does not just leave us with scars. But with one or two achievements as well.

Remember those plans you made at the beginning of the year? Do you remember your various new year resolutions? The business idea you promised to try out? The skill you wished to learn? The online course you developed interest in? The language, musical instrument or food recipe you promised to learn in 2020? Can you remember all of those plans you made and the goals you highlighted for 2020? Well its time for an insightful reflection on them.

Irrespective of the impact of coronavirus pandemic on your plans and goals for the year, the world is already moving on and so should you. Businesses have resumed operations; schools are gradually reopening and other suspended activities are retuning. So, it is time to take advantage of this and make something good out of the remaining four months in the year.

Of course, there are only four months left in the year and due to the ongoing pandemic, there might be certain restrictions, challenges and difficulties to achieving your desired goal. However, it is imperative to note that with or without a pandemic, there will always be difficulties and challenges. Hence, what matters is how you are able to adapt and overcome these limitations to achieve your desired objective. If you succeed the world will be eager to hear your testimony. On the other hand, if you fail, you would have learnt one or two things that will aid your success next time. However, if you choose to do nothing, then the year will end and you would remain the same.

Whether you are ready for it or not, the year 2020 is rapidly approaching its end and it is within your power to choose how you want to end the year. We wish you a happy new month and be sure to stay safe.

September 2020 Editorial

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