Boosting Immune System

On the 8th May, 2020, we published the first part of the series on understanding the immune system. Focus was placed on the need to understand the body’s immune system as well as know its essential component. Like a car requires constant maintenance and servicing, the body system also requires regularly boosting. Since an overworked and un-serviced car will develop faults and frequently breakdown, the same goes with our immune system.

We often hear our gallant soldiers bitterly complain about the unfavourable working conditions they encounter even while defending our territory against the boko haram terrorist group. On occasions where our gallant soldiers fail to get reinforcement, then there is a high probability of being overrun by the terrorist group. Therefore, for proper understanding, we will liken our gallant soldiers to the body immune system while harmful infections and micro-organisms will be the boko haram. If we fail to reinforce the immune system, then it becomes susceptible to the attacks of diseases, which can be detrimental to our health.

It is important to state that as we age, the effectiveness of our immune system drastically reduces thereby leading to a dilapidating health. Though people age healthily sometimes, it is generally believed that a person’s lifestyle while growing up affects his/her health when they age. As a result of their weak immune system, Individuals aged 65 and above make up the greater percentage of coronavirus case mortality. To be able to combat coronavirus, the immune system needs to be active and empowered.

Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food & Fruits

For the soldiers (both our gallant soldiers and the boko haram personnel) to be able to effectively and continually engage in the battle, there is need for the constant provision of food. This is why we often hear of the boko haram miscreants terrorizing local communities and carting away with food items as well as rustle cattle. The immune system is also boosted by the provision of nourishing and nutrient filled food. It is essential that an individual constantly take vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C like oranges, watermelons, pineapples etc. Since the body does not retain vitamin c, there is a need for daily consumption of these fruits so as to continually boost the immune system.

Get Enough Sleep

According to scientific research, the importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized. Getting enough sleep is vital to an individual’s immune system. During sleep, our body immune system releases proteins called cytokines, which aid in the fight against infectious diseases. When an individual is sleep deprived, the immune system is unable to produce enough cytokines; hence, one’s health is jeopardized. Also, when sleep deprived, cells which aid in boosting the immune are unable to regenerate thereby making the body easily susceptible to external attacks. The optimal amount of sleep required for adults is 7-8hours while 9-10 hours of sleep is required for teenagers and children.

Daily Exercise Will Help Boost Your Immune System

Every military and para military personnel is required to exercise regularly. This is as a result of the strenuous activities in which they undergo in order to be in top physical condition needed to defend the territory of the state. Since Boko Haram won’t pity our gallant soldiers if they are sick or not in great physical condition, so also will infections and diseases take over our body if our body soldiers (immune system) are down. Regular exercises reduce the body’s vulnerability to infections. According to research, taking daily long walks is the easiest and best exercise we can engage in.

CoronaVirus as well as other infections attack the immune system so as to cripple and make it ineffective to fight. This is why it is of utmost importance that we follow all precautionary guidelines as directed by health officials. The immune system is a pivotal soldier that needs to be adequately enhanced and boosted. According to Publilius Syrus, “good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessing.” An Arabian proverb also posits, “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.”

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