February joined the calendar with the month of January around 700 BC. It derives it name from the Latin word februo, which means “purification rites”. During the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia, Thongs made from goat skins were used in the purification rituals, which took place during the month earning the name februarius. When February was first added in the calendar along side with January in the 700 BC by Numa pompilius, it became the last month of the year.

Pompilius tacked on these two months to line up on the lunar cycle. However, Romans believed that odd numbers to be lucky numbers. Since February ended up been the unlucky one, it was placed at the end and was shortened so that the bad luck will not last long. February remained there for 200 hundred years, then both January and February moved to the beginning of the year.

February (1)

Julius Caesar attempted to align the calendar with the solar season, creating the Julian calendar. February, already a short month gained a few days bringing it to 28 days. Then every four years, a leap year was added. Under the current Gregorian calendar, the leap year functions differently. Leap year are divisible by four, with one exception. Centennial years must be divisible by 400 years.

February is unique in other ways to, because it usually has 28 days once every six years, it is the only month to have a full 4 weeks 7 days. Besides been the shortest month, it has a lot of benefits like being one of the coldest month no matter where you stay on earth, also, it brings emotional feelings of a good relief that the year is going rather too fast.

Interpreting this month, is all about a special day known as Valentine day which is on the fourteen of the month. Some regard it as a moment where lovers come together while some don’t actually see it as a special day but as a normal day like every other day on the calendar.

February (2)

One of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring is the primrose. It is also the flower of February.

If you are born in the month of February, you are either an Aquarius or Pisces. Your birthstone is the pretty purple quarts called amethyst.

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