Scaling through the historic letters of the society we belong, not forgetting the lines and curves drawn by our colonial ancestors, taking into account the scar of our endeavour to sustain 1914’s nuptial and most importantly, bearing in mind the dreams of our founding fathers we could gaudily pin point the failures of past and present generations. In view of what Africa and the international community expect of us, and taking cognisance of how nature has indeed blessed us, ‘we failed’ could be said to be an understatement!

The dream, goal and vision conceived by our founding fathers incessantly linger in our hearts but like hallucinatory mirages that are supposedly not feasible. Our past and present have witnessed the influx of various systems of government, under the leadership of myriad leaders. Nigeria over the years have tried out almost all forms of modern political systems, yet, the narrative is never different and the problems of the common man remains unchanged.

Perusing through the political history of Nigeria from 1960 till date, it is not difficult to ascertain that government over the years has established itself as a criminal enterprise that is no longer saddled with the responsibility of leading the nation to its long awaited promise land. But is rather interested in making profit for its few members, the patriotic criminals masquerading as politicians. Before independence, the colonial bosses exploited the masses for their own gains but from the day Nigeria became free from the shackles of colonial imperialism, self-exploitation became the order of the day. The rich exploiting the poor, the strong exploiting the week and worst of all, the government exploiting the masses.

During electioneering periods, candidates no longer contest because they want to serve the people, rather, because they want the people to serve them. Electoral promises are best defined as rainbows, vanishing immediately after polls, only to reappear at the threshold of another election. On the other hand, the people are not far different from those sugar-coated politicians that beguile them year in year out. As if operating under a spell, they are prone to all kinds of deceit, as a matter of fact, the aspirant with the best form of deceit miraculously end up to be their anointed candidate. As the saying goes, if a person fools you once, he is a fool but if he fools you twice then you are the fool.

The vigour and future of every society lies in the hands of the youths. Unlike those days when Nigerian youths were patriotic and hardworking, those days of colonial rule, when the Nigerian youth fought relentlessly against the injustice of colonial powers. Those immediate days of independence when Nigerian youths were activist and were well known for their meaningful contributions to the progress of the then young Nigeria. Unlike those days when the Nigerian youth will take to the street to re-echo the voice of the masses whenever the Nigerian government makes an attempt to ignore or marginalise the people’s interest.

Unlike those days when Nigerian youths controlled the labour market and upheld the people’s interest through industrial actions, demonstrations and campaigns against all forms of injustice. Those days, when Nigerian youths were up to the task of clamouring for democracy from men in uniform. Unlike those days when Nigerian youths were a mighty army used by the masses to get what rightfully belongs to them. The reverse is now the case. Nigerian youths of today no longer serve the interest of the masses but are now armed missiles used by rancorous politicians to renew their political tenancy. Nigerian youths of today are neither patriotic nor hardworking. Young and able-bodied men who are feet for farms, you will find on the street, hungry and desperate they become victims of political foes. Unlike the Nigerian youth of old, the present day Nigerian youth is apathetic, cleaving to his ant-hill cave, expecting manners from above. The youth of today now constitute the best gang of kidnappers and armed robbers, heralds of misery making no useful contribution to the development of the nation.

Nigerian youths, the supposed leaders of tomorrow, have become victims of innumerable social vices. Our future engineers are in cyber cafes earning a living from cyber-crimes, the future doctors of our malaise are on the streets, ravaged by mosquitoes, making do with whatever the street can provide. Our future lawyers are already employed by political gangsters in preparation for coming elections. On our streets are the perpetual footprints of graduates miserably hunting for jobs. The Nigerian government best known as the criminal enterprise has not only failed to provide basic necessities of life but have also succeeded in impoverishing the people, yet each electioneering year, Nigerian youths still sell their votes to this same set of cankerworms.

As we draw the curtains on this month’s editorial, its pertinent to note that the youth of present day Nigeria covers up to 70% of the entire population which doubtlessly makes them the majority. Hence, if a significant portion of Nigerian youths can take their stand against corruption and other social vices that are feeding upon the growth of the nation, the present day Nigerian society will witness a sudden change in paradigm. The purpose of this editorial is not to instigate pity or series of bewails but to actuate repentance and activate the good in the Nigerian youth of today, so that together we can bring the dreams of our founding fathers to reality. It is high time Nigerian youths stormed the criminal enterprise and make a government of the people out of it. From fatherland gazette we wish all Nigerians a Happy Independence as well as a Happy New Month!


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