The Changes of The Seasons

All the noises

The rustling of the trees
The howling of a wolf
The buzzing of the bees
The warmth of the sun

All the colours of the rainbow

Leaves changing from green to red
From swimming to sleeping in bed
From blue skies to grey clouds
From hot to cold

All the seasons

Autumn the season of changes
Winter the season of snowy mountain ranges
Spring the season of colours
Summer the season of pretty flowers

Poet’s analysis

The poem is all about the changes of the seasons. The first stanza is talking about the noises that each of the seasons makes. The first line in stanza 1, talks about the rustling of the trees, in Autumn where the temperatures change from hot to cold, the rustling trees is a noise indicating that autumn is here. Line 2 of stanza 1 talks about the howling of a wolf, which is commonly heard in cold and icy places like Canada for example. Line 3 and 4 talks about how most creatures start waking up mostly you can hear if its spring when flowers open up and bees start buzzing and nature is alive and colourful in the summer.

Poet: Lauren van heerden

#Rune Nations #Beyond poetry

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