Secret Admirer

Below are a collection of short poems on the theme Secret Admirer written by poets from Rune Nations Poetry Community. Read, enjoy and share with others.

My Secret Admirer

Valentine’s day is a week away
For me what can I say
Just a normal day for me
I see people kissing
I say it’s all very sickening

That’s how my valentine’s day goes
But this year something seems suspicious
I get to class and there I see on my desk a rose.
It’s now lunchtime there I see a cupcake
I say it looks delicious

I’m thinking  what’s happening
I get back to class and there on my desk
Is a note saying will you be my valentine
From your secret admirer.

Lauren van heerden
(South Africa)

The Wait

I’m patient with an ambition
Thoughtful without an omission
You and I, Me and you
One plus me is You
There’s no  reminder
No regrets
No full stops
Seeing you is the best view
Loving you is not a duel
Behind the scenes are my fantasies
Behind your eyes is my future
I just can’t say it enough
Cause I love you much more

Victor Elisha

Secret Admirer

You are stuck in my driveways memory
Like glue you’re  stuck in my dreams at night
I fight and resist the thought you
My secret admirer just the thought of you makes the butterflies in my stomach dance
I admire the beauty you show with every smile
You are like my innocent sweet girl in the magazine with no wrinkles

My admirer valentines is around the corner
My secret admirer let me write endless poems for you on valentines
The love in my heart creates clouds of glory around you
Your smile makes my knees weak and makes my heart go boom boom
My secret lovey, my lovely diary
My secret love who I wanna hold close

When my days get dark the thought of you makes my day bright
Every time I see you, my heart rises in anticipation

James the poet

My Love For You Will Never Cease

I spend my days thinking about you,
Your presence makes my face glow,
Your voice is like a sweet melody that I can’t stop listening to,
I haven’t told you that I love you but my heart longs for you,
My love for you is perfect,
My love for you will never cease,
My secret admirer.

Ruth Zambo

My Curse And Blessing

As soon as dawn approaches I awake from my bed.
In the twinkling of an eye, my feelings for you start pouring like a wall of rain.
Your eyes like stars beaming in the twilight.
Your smile caresses even those in vexations.
Your lips are so soft and succulent like berries in the rainy season.
A simple touch of your skins ignites my whole being
Just one more time, let me take a glimpse of thy beauty.
Which paralyses my thoughts.
Is this feeling a curse? I want to tell you how I feel. I wish you were mine.
But my tongue betrays me, as it runs out of words To tell you.
Finally, I tell myself, I will continue loving you from a distance.
For that is my curse and blessing of being your.


In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see my reflection Drowning in the streaming beauty of love
A rare moment of entanglement beyond imagination

How your heart lingers a bit low
In subtle affectionate smiles
Mystically makes hairs in my skin grow

With every love poem I write
It’s your image that dwells in my mind
A Godly muse, you transcends to my perfect love rhymes

Secretly I sit admiring the way you walk
In silent whispers, I confess my affection for you
Hoping the moon could show you signs than talk

The warmth in your eyes,an epitome of serene love
The kind I long for, though now knowing God created you is enough

Moemedi Tebogo

A special thank you to all poets who submitted poems for this edition of weekend groove.

We hope you enjoyed the poems… watch out for the next edition.

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