Purple Crested Turaco of Swaziland

Countries in the world can be viewed from their symbols alone. A whole symbol that represents a country can become the most attractive stance the world has ever seen. Some of those symbols represent peace, strength, courage, beauty, unity, love, what it was blessed with and many others. Africa alone can be seen to be the most popular continent with country’s symbols that can be easily known.

The purple-crested turaco is the National Bird of The kingdom of Swaziland. This bird has a purple coloured crest above a green head, A known red ring around its eyes and a black bill. The rest of its body is purple with red flight feathers except for the neck and chest which are green and brown. The flight feathers and other turaco species are the ceremonial regalia of the Swazi royal family.

Purple-crested turacos can be seen to have large frugivores that can be used to carry cycad seeds from different plant species distance to nesting sites. Turacos are known for seed dispersal and germination but what differs purple – crested turaco from the rest is the digestion of unwanted plants which reduces germination and very low seed production.

Turacos live in damp woodland and mostly spend their time in evergreen forests.

Purple-crested turacos are found in most African countries like Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

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