We appreciate your desire to join our team either as a guest writer or a full-time writer. To ensure that your write-ups get published on our platform, please read the following carefully and be sure to abide by them when preparing your write-up.

First, you should know that we are an online magazine committed to promoting Africa’s cultural value. We act as a searchlight illuminating the beauty in Africa’s cultural diversity, which over the years have been clouded by misconceptions, misinterpretation and misinformation.

We seek to achieve our goal by publishing write-ups such as stories, articles, poems, reviews etc. that are primarily focused on Africa.

Hence to safeguard the quality of our publications, all submitted articles are subjected to a quality check, which is determined based on the following criteria:

1. The content of the article – the content of the article must directly align with the goals and objectives of Fatherland Gazette. In other words, it must be about Africa. For more on what we stand for, you can click here to read more about us.

2. The length of the article – while there is no limit for any article that is to be published on Fatherland gazette, the minimum word count is 500 words. In other words, any article that is less than 500 words will not be published. The only exception to this is a poem.

3. Plagiarism check – Plagiarism goes against the etiquettes of writing and is considered a serious offence. At Fatherland Gazette, we strongly condemn plagiarism. Hence all submitted articles undergo a plagiarism check and if any is discovered to have been plagiarized, the article will not be published and the author may be banned from writing for Fatherland Gazette. This also applies to poems.

Note: If you are writing on an African culture or history, you are free to take certain sections of your article from other sources but the source MUST be credited or quoted.

4. The author’s writing style – while we do not particularly favour any writing style, we believe all writers must have a good command of the English language. Hence, articles with too many grammatical errors will not be published. To avoid this, you can always use Grammarly to check and correct your article before submitting it for publication.

Your efforts and commitment to Fatherland gazette is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.