Preachers’ Bill: Right or Wrong? (Public Opinion)

In Kaduna state, northern part of Nigeria, religious activities have been under increased governmental influence. Recently, the state government brought up a bill to control religious activities in the state.  Which has promoted the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria to drag the state government to the High court where the presiding judge declared the act ‘illegal’.

This bill called the ‘Preachers’ Bill’ maintained that Preachers are to obtain license from the state government before they can preach, which many perceive as an infringement on the ‘freedom of the individual in a democratic system.’

What is your take on this issue, is the government right or wrong? Let’s hear your opinion through the comment box.


Here are some comments from people.

Immaculate from Abeokuta Ogun state said ‘Capital wrong based on the human rights of freedom of religion or association.’

Samuel Adeosun, founder of discovery house said ‘It’s wrong.’ He further goes on to say that ‘the reason is because we all have freedom to religion and freedom of speech as a democratic nation’

Odunayo said ‘to some certain extent, it might be right because it also applies to the Muslim clerics in the state. It enables efficiency in delivery of God given knowledge, in the sense that before any individual can utter any ounce of word referring to any religious belief, he or she must be qualified to do so. However, it is wrong because it restricts the work of God in the North and also a means for these Islamic jihadist to eradicate Christian race in the north/state’

Raija Kazeem, founder of Rhaji Kasco simply opined that ‘it is right.’ Esther Afolabi from HopeFM Ilisan Remo said “the bill is wrong. There are more important things to pass stringent rules on such as education, empowerment, electricity etc.”

Drop your take on the issue below, let the world hear your view.

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July 5, 2019 9:57 am

To me that is a very wrong decision.
That means we now have tp get lisense before we can talk, eat and mover around.

October 21, 2019 10:52 am
Reply to  Marabel

Thanks for participating in the opinion poll. We hope to hear more of your views in subsequent polls.