In recent years, Nigeria has gone through one of its worst economic declines. This decline can be ascribed to various factors such as corruption, poor economic policies, and the ineffectiveness of her leaders. Despite these challenges bedeviling the country, many young Nigerians keep striving to excel, succeed and break free from the limitations imposed on them by their beloved Nigeria.

Popularly known as “Mr. Macaroni”, Adebowale David Ibrahim Adedayo is one of the brave young Nigerians who has carved a niche for himself and worked hard to achieve success. Born on the 3rd May 1993 into a family of ten, he grew up in a well-knowledgeable and upright home. His father, Pa Musa Alao was a popular television presenter on NTA television in the 80s and is presently the publisher of widely read and popular, Alaroye and Akede Agbaye, a Yoruba Newspaper.  Mrs. Dorcas Adedayo, his mother, is an educationist as well as a devoted Christian. She is also the proprietor of Tender Care International School.

It isn’t surprising that Adebowale attended Tendercare International Nursery and Primary School also. In 2002, he proceeded to Babcock University High School for his secondary education. Due to various reasons, he attended four different universities before graduating in 2018. First, he gained admission into Leads University to study law. Due to accreditation issues, he had to leave in 200 level. He then proceeded to Houdegbe North American University, Cotonou to continue studying law but had to drop out. In 2012, he gained admission into Afe Babalola University where he opted to study Theatre art instead of law but had to leave the school against for certain reasons.

In 2013, he gained admission into Redeemers University to continue his study in creative art. Days to his graduation, Adebowale made a post on Facebook that Redeemers University deemed offensive and this led to his expulsion. This decision was later rescinded out of court and he went on to earn his Bachelors of Art in 2018.

Mr Macaroni

Many a man had taken the first step. With additional steps, you enhance immensely the value of your first- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Before attaining the feat he currently has, Adebowale has had to overcome various obstacles. Featuring in a series of short plays and cameos, he had to work hard to get these movie roles. He once had the thought of giving up on his acting career due to the non-availability of movie roles. Not giving up on his talent, while watching Instagram content creators, he decided to delve into skit making. This decision of his birthed the “Mr. Macaroni” character. This character became the catalyst behind his fame and popularity. With unique slang like “Ooin!!!, you’re doing well”, “Fantabulous, “Freaky Freaky”, he became a fan favourite. Through his popularity gotten, he has appeared in blockbuster movies. Some of these movies include A Tunde Kelani produced “Ayinla, Survivors, The Perfect Arrangement. He’s also featured in various series.

“Once you embrace your value, talents and strengths, it neutralizes when others think less of you.”― Rob Liano

In October 2020, Mr. Macaroni joined his voice with that of Nigerian youths to speak against police brutality, a movement tagged #ENDSARS. The #ENDSARS clamour was one that had been ongoing for years but on social media platforms. It became a nationwide physical protest in October 2020 when Nigeria youth came out in their large numbers to speak against police brutality. Being popular on social media with over 700,000 followers, Mr Macaroni ensured his voice was audible and his presence felt. The protest had some level of success but also sad and regrettable outcomes.

With the announcement of the reopening of the Lekki toll gate, which was closed down as a result of the shooting at protesters by Nigeria army, an event which occurred on October 20, 2020, Nigeria youths were ready to troop out and protest again. This protest was scheduled to commence on 13 February 2021. While the protest was ongoing, Nigeria youths were arrested and assaulted by officers of the Nigeria force. Mr.Macaroni decided to go observe the protest but became a victim of police brutality. He arrested and beaten by officers of the Nigeria police but was eventually released days later.

“A person’s worth is measured by the worth of what he values.”― Marcus Aurelius

Mr. Macaroni has continued to be a firm critic of the government and spoken against the injustice meted on the innocent. His stance against poor governance and police brutality has endeared him into the hearts of many Nigerians. His craft has also won him numerous awards which include but not limited to, the Future Award Africa for the Content Category, City People music’s award for Comedy act of the year, Afro X digital awards for the Influencer of the year category etc.

Sola Alogba

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