Originality of President Buhari

There have been diverse speculations on the originality of our president; some people have been agitating that the man in Aso Rock is not President Muhammadu Buhari but rather one Jubril from Sudan that was cloned to deceive Nigerians as the president with the knowledge of the ‘cabals’.

As the controversy keeps raising, several points has been brought to table to prove who our true president is but then the truth is yet to be unravel.

One of the analysis given was that, someone that has been sick for while, which made him to be up for medical treatment all through last year to the beginning of this year frequently but after the last trip where he spent over 100 days abroad, he finally came home but was only available to operate from home for sometimes.

Now the question is, if someone at that age could be going for medical treatment as frequent as that, then how come did he just stopped suddenly, not even for medical checkup? So it was concluded that it is either he has met Jesus for his healing or that he is indeed Jubril from Sudan.

Also, Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo claimed in a video that President, Muhammadu Buhari was cloned. He said and I quote “You know that there is this thing called cloning, most western Judo-Christian country pretend to say they banned human cloning except for the purpose of research into health and to save life”. “So we will not be surprised if they did some sort of cloning in all the period this man was incubating in London.”

However, it was reported on vanguard dated November 15 that ‘Fake Buhari narrative is foolery, Ungodly, despicable and mischief.’

Despite these speculations the President has not officially responded to the claim. It will be on safer if this issue can be address as soon possible in order to salvage the country from unforeseen jeopardy and to further promote a more democratic, credible, free and fair election next year.

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