“You say?

“What is the role of education in this our setting now

“Have you asked of the normal take home of a junior lecturer?

“Do you pay a professor #300,000 and expect him/ her to work more than what your politicians?

“As a lecturer, with a monthly pay, of less than $200, 59% of the salary, is spent on transport alone and left with 41% to settle the basic needs of a normal Nigerian, not to talk of personal upkeep asides the knowledge upgrade and unsponsored conferences you are meant to attend as a lecturer whereas someone who went through the tutelage of that same lecturer stays in a house, fed 24/7 for weeks and ends up winning millions

The striking lecturers have been asked to resume session disproving their 8 months arrears, so how do you expect a normal lecturer to be dedicated and so morally upright not to engage or even lured into unnecessary students’ extortion”

Where are we headed as a country, education wise?”

Where are we headed generally as a nation?”

Before we find an answer to that or even review what the country looks like, the past sixty and two years of seeming independence from the Colonial masters, let’s we review in a jiffy, what she’s like, six and two years ago

In the past six and two years, the nation of Niger Area have been grossly surmounted with several events, gross scenarios, directives, and events

Let us begin with the issue of insecurity, the case of Boko Haram, a baby nursed by some elites just to get on the throne of leadership, a baby problem that saw to the kidnap of over 200 school students in an area of Borono known to be called Chibok.

Six and two years later, this baby has not just matured to an adult baby beyond control but has also grown grey hairs. It has graduated from Boko Haram to ISWAP to increased killings and kidnaps, to granting amnesties and pardon to currently, taking over areas in Yobe by the terrorists and instituting a government inside a constituted Government

Should we talk about the nepotism which marginalized a certain region from the government and led to a break-away agitation from the Southern arm of Nigeria? This has resulted in the death of over a hundred young vibrant men from the southeast. Many fell victim to the python dance of the foot soldiers of the country whereas the grey headed adult babies in Sahara are left to be feasting on the flesh of Nigerians, the national treasury and on the meat of innocent soldiers sent to tackle them without viable ammunitions.

How about the lives of young men and women lost to the SARS police brutality? Should we talk about how an administration of a country sent soldiers to open fire on her leaders of tomorrow over an outcry f good governance?

Should we forget how in a certain time the life of the beef meat was perceived costly and preferred more than the lives of the citizens which is regarded sacrosanct by the law?

Or the flood situation which is a die hard fall over from a government which chose her belly instead of the lives of citizens she swore to protect

Sixty two years ago, we were handed over the responsibility; the right of leading our country, manage our resources and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.  Sixty two years later we have proven and still proving our incapability of doing so , making the notion  that “Nigeria is just an accidental test which may cease to exist in few years’ time” maybe true.

Talk about the failed leadership, the blame-blame administration that crippled the economic status of the nation and left it in a pitiable state. A Government having many snakes swallowing millions, rodents invading the Aso Villa and termites eating up official records. The present happenings in Nigeria ask the question, where did the “once upon a time living giant of Africa” get it wrong?

We have had events and of course attainments to celebrate but the fake and stage-managed attainments blurred us to differentiate between the real and unreal hereby increasing our unbelief that anything good can come from this nation called Nigeria

The word, “Nigerians” exists only in the shores away from this country where the braveness, skills and talents are utilized and harnessed by non-Nigerian government hence, the out blowing results and contributions these Nigerians yield outside there.

At this point in time as a Nigerian living in Nigeria, one is left with eleven worded prayer to make on behalf of my dear country:

“May the labors of our heroes past never be in vain”

“God bless Nigeria!”-

To add

Care to know where our country is headed education wise, meticulously watch the diary of events that surrounded the recent 8 months strike or even peep into the educational qualification threshold, to holding a public office in Nigeria and then answer the question yourself.

Once more,



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