Next Level Agenda: is FEC for Politicians or Technocrats?

What is expected after a successful election or re-election of president of Nigeria is for him to choose and constitute his executive cabinet so that work can be duly dispatched and implemented effectively. This cabinet is expected to consist of technocrats who can use their professionalism to employ governmental policies rather than politicians.

But reverse is the case when it comes to the administration of President Buhari not just because of the delay in the appointment which also happened in his first term with the excuse of getting the right peoples on the executive table, at the end of the day no result to show for it. His second term was a bit faster which only took five months after he was elected comparing to his second term, in which the senate had to issue a fierce deadline. Unlike other countries especially the New United Kingdom Prime Ministers, Boris Johnson who took over from Theresa May, promptly picked his cabinet within the next 24 hours of swearing in.

Also the caliber of people on the list approved by the senate shows that the real purpose of the executive cabinet is not duly observed rather the cabinet has become a political compensation price to electoral losers. Despite giving the excuse with his ‘Next Level’ agenda, by pleading for more time to enable him recruit only those with the capacity to deliver. This time the president said “I am going to do be quite me; me in the send that I will pick people I know personally”.

Looking at the list with all sincerity, only few are qualified for the development agenda before the country. The state of the country from the crawling economy to the security issues especially that of the Fulani herdsmen and the new saga with the Shite group, among others, are evident proves that the country needs people who are expertise with experience in these fields and not individuals looking for positions to compensate their failed political career.

Forty-three (43) names were appointed out of which fourteen (14) of them were ministers during the first tenure, with seven (7) women also making the list.  The ministerial list comprises of individuals who are thirty-five (35) and above, without giving any consideration to the millions of youths in the country. Are we really on the next level agenda or another path to the desert? While we wait it find out, we wish all our esteemed readers a happy new month.


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