Let me tell you a secret. The obviously repressing inkling that nature holds the secrets to good health remains a growing concern in a world that is fast-paced. At an alarming rate, man’s influence on his environment has somewhat created a facade that he can do without nature. With such behaviour, invalidation of nature in varying cultures emerged as the order of the day. The most common example is the advent of technology. This virtual ecosystem created a utopian world in which numerous individuals’ pasture on daily. Consequent to this, degradation in healthy lifestyle becomes a growing concern with the arrival of diseases of varying degrees.

In his quest for absolute control, man has ignored the lessons nature secretly teaches. And so, he seldom basks in inevitable ignorance. As such, commonly experienced pathways to ill-health come to light. Some widely known as stress, anxiety and mental disorientation. This has transcended so much that its health threats have grown equally dangerous. To this too, nature reveals a most wonderful secret which few find. Nature’s touch provides the ignorant man with life. Better still, healthy life. No wonder individuals who engage in a substantial amount of ecotherapy live healthier.

Ecotherapy is a formal type of treatment which involves doing outdoor activities in nature. There is not a single definition of ecotherapy, but it is often used to describe a regular, structured activity that can be led by trained professionals, focuses on doing an activity rather than health, takes place in a green environment, is related to exploring and appreciating the natural world, and maybe involve spending time with other people.

“I think I finally know the thing that will kill me.” The lady I called cousin started as she massaged her temples amidst groans. We had just returned from the optician.

“What is the matter this time?”

“My head feels like there’s a band playing,” she lets out a wheezy cough. “And the music is terrible.”

“Maybe you should get some sleep,” I started as I made it to my room. “Might help, you know.”

“That’s what I’ve been doing all day.”



She was soon engrossed with her phone. That was all she had done when we were at the optician.

“What have you been onto lately?”

“Just eat, sleep and chat mostly.”

“You seem stressed,” I started, which only got her attention for a few seconds. “True?”

She didn’t seem to even notice my presence anymore as she fell onto the couch in the living room, phone in hand.


That sent me into action as I quickly swiped her phone from her fingers to her displeasure.

“Too much screen time is bad for you and your health.”

“Leave me to anxiously die of depression joor,” she swung her arms lazily for her phone before giving up. “I hear it’s not so horrible.”

She placed a hand over her forehead and closed her eyes, only to open them when I spoke.

“Let’s go for a walk this evening,” I ignored her obvious stare. I had to do this. “We won’t be needing this for it by the way.” I waved her phone in her face and pocketed it.

“I don’t feel like going for a walk.” Her protest was a feeble one.

“Green areas can reduce your cortisol levels. This stress hormone can be helpful, but too much of it for too long can be bad for you.” I paused to know if she was still listening. She was and so I continued. “Besides, green spaces help relieve stress and boost cognition.”

Though reluctant at first, she had agreed to that.

Two weeks of ecotherapy saw her rejuvenated and a lot healthier. She experienced nature’s touch and had been healed.

This goes to show what happens when we sync our individual minds with mothership nature. There’s an attainment of a natural transcendence of the mind and body consequently. Few cultures and individuals know and put to use this secret today. Now that you know this secret, will you maximize it?

Chizaram D. Ezugwu

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