Men, Time and Season

In dreadful times of great despair

When safety comes to be rare

We build ourselves arsenals of fear

Meant to guard all that we care


In fetching times of great delight

When all seem sunny and bright

We merry our souls both day and night

Like those enchanted with good fate


In gloomy times of great misfortune

When those that beloved us are gone

We seek for ourselves solace and mourn

Again, and again till dawn; and again


In hapless times of great famine and drought

When nothing endures save dearth and want

We hunt survival, both those that have and have not

That our race of men might forever persist


Our present and past were written by Time

And what we’ll do tomorrow; Time will tell

We are freemen who are bound to Time

For to Time and Season we gave our freewill.




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