According to the latest WHO data published in 2018, life expectancy in Nigeria is Male (54.7), Female (55.7) and a total life of expectancy of 55.2 which ranks Nigeria life expectancy at 178 in the world.  One then ask what is/are the reason(s) behind this unpleasant realities? A further look into the leading causes of death in Nigeria, according to WHO, reveals majority sterns from health related issues with stress being a major cause of the 6 leading causes of death; heart disease, accidents, lung ailment, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

Many wonder how a country with such a large population has found herself in this current state. One would expect that with the abundant resources, both mineral and human, present, a country like Nigeria should be a positive model which others can follow. As individuals, ‘while hustling’ to survive, we interact with the millions of Nigerians. This interaction sometimes can be stressful even as we aim to navigate through life challenges. Though stress can be positive as it energizes and pushes one to achieve a desired result, but stress without relief becomes Negative because it leads to distress.  Distress can disturb the body’s internal system which then results to headaches, chest pains, sexual dysfunction and elevated blood pressure. Stress causes headaches, indigestion, cold and sweaty palms, muscles tension, aches and pains, problem sleeping, unrelaxed heartbeat, mood swings, dizziness, weight gain or loss, diarrhea and many more. How then can we manage stress?


  • Financial burden
  • Heavy work load
  • Family history of stress disorder
  • Mental illness

And many more



  • Eat healthy well balanced food. Reduce intake of junks. Do not stress eat
  • Work on your time management so as not to be under undue pressure and stress
  • Exercise regularly. Try to walk as often as possible as this is a good body exercise
  • Practice relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and reading books
  • Sleep well as your need time to recover from stress causing events
  • Do not rely on alcohol and drugs to reduce stress
  • Drink lots of water
  • Go for regular medical check-up

As Jack Osbourne rightly stated, “you can’t take good health for granted.”

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