Light - Rune Nations - Weekend Groove

By Oluwaseun Afolabi, Spark, Lauren Van Heerden, The Ink, Felix Kimiti, OLA OGUN

Glowing out of darkness
Glorying to harness brightness
Growing to sparkle, never grow dim
Grooving with rune nations
Illume! Let it shine

#Oluwaseun Afolabi

I Shine, shine bright
Like a sweet spark in the morn.
With me, darkness is gone
I glow deep beyond the expression of words.


Can you see the light in the dark?
Can you see that little bright spark?
Can you see it far in the distance?
Is not it magnificent?
That little dot, seen over rocky mountains
Past and through all the fountains

#Lauren Van Heerden

So bright like the moon in the night
The dark chameleons to light
Undoubtedly pleasant to the eyes
Just like the flower is to butterflies
Light keeps glowing in my heart

#The Ink

From the rising sun; from the west, there is none beside you.
I thy lover, and there is none.
I swear by my ancestor’s shrines and myself, there is none like you
Just as light shines in darkness; and darkness vanishes.
You have lightened many dark rooms in my heart and life.
Therefore, there is none like you.
I swear by my ancestor’s shrines and myself, that there is none like you

#Felix Kimiti

Like the graceful gaze of a thousand candles
I saw the flashing light!
And in that moment of solemn splendour
I knew my ship had sailed to harbour
Farewell! Friends, families and foes
Till we meet again in another abode
Goodnight! I have seen the light.


©Rune Nations

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