Kintsugi – The Art Of Repair

Life, like a delicate porcelain vase, is a mosaic of experiences, emotions, and imperfections. Just like the ancient Japanese Art Of Kintsugi, a captivating technique that goes beyond aesthetics. Kintsugi is also known as the art of repair where broken pottery is remade with gold, silver, platinum, or lacquer. But Kintsugi is much more than just an art form, it is a philosophy that resonates deeply with the human experience. This fascinating technique holds valuable insights into how we can approach life and find beauty in imperfections.

Legend has it that Kintsugi emerged in the 15th century when a Military ruler, Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent his broken Chinese tea bowl back to China for repair. Disappointed with the unsightly metal staples used in the mending process, he asked a local craftsman to find a more aesthetically pleasing method of repair to fix the tea bowl. The solution the craftsman found didn’t conceal the brokenness but instead emphasizes the cracks with gold seams. Thus, Kintsugi was born, and with it came a powerful idea that brokenness is not a thing to hide or discard but a canvas for transformation. Over time, the craft became so popular that people started deliberately breaking their ceramics, simply so they could repair them using the eye-catching gold seams.

Linked to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which means embrace imperfection, Kintsugi teaches us to embrace strength in the face of adversity. When life shatters us, it’s not about trying to return to our pre-broken state but about finding strength in picking up the pieces and rebuilding ourselves. The gold seams that hold the shattered pottery together symbolize the stories of survival and growth that emerge from life’s darkest moments. Kintsugi also imparts a profound lesson in impermanence. It encourages us to let go of our attachment to perfection and understand that everything in life, including ourselves, is in a constant state of change. Like a Kintsugi master, we must acknowledge that scars are part of our history and should be treated with care, as they carry memories of our past experiences.

In a world that often values uniformity and sameness, Kintsugi challenges us to celebrate our uniqueness. Each repaired piece of pottery becomes a singular work of art, as no two minds are ever alike. Similarly, our individual experiences, struggles, and triumphs make us exceptional. By connecting the cracks of our lives, we not only celebrate our journey but also foster connections with others who may have undergone similar trials. So, be like the Kintsugi pottery, shining brightly with the golden threads of our experiences, and find strength in the cracks that connect us all. Embrace imperfection, cherish the journey, and remember that in life, just like in Kintsugi, the real beauty lies not in being perfect but in being beautifully imperfect.


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August 9, 2023 1:47 pm

Kintsugi reminds me that our scars make us beautiful