Aafin Ogbomosho

When you are talking about ‘THE LAND OF THE VALIANTS’, you are referring to no other town but Ogbomoso. Ogbomoso is a city in Oyo state, south-western Nigeria.

Ogbomoso was founded in the mid-17th century with a population of approximately 645,000 according to 2006 Population Census. Ogbomoso has five local government councils namely Ogbomoso North, Ogbomoso South, Orire, Ogooluwa and Surulere local government with several local council development area (LCDA. Comprising several villages, hamlets and sub towns like Ajaawa, Oko, Oolo, Gambari, Iresa, Odo Oba, Iregba, Ikoyi, Iluju etc.

The name Ogbomoso was derived from ‘Ogbori Elemoso’. Ogbori Elemoso was a valiant warrior name Soun Ogunlola who came from Ibarapa and settled in Oyo-Ile. He was a hunter and a warrior and was the one who defeated the terrorist named Elemoso. During this time the Ibaribas under the leadership of Elemoso attacked Oyo-Ile near Ilorin. Ogunlola was already in detention at this time, awaiting trial for an alleged havoc. Elemoso had consequently laid siege on Oyo causing famine and untold hardship among the inhabitants. Ogunlola therefore sent a message to the Alaafin that if he could be released, he would fight Elemoso and bring back his head. This request was granted to him and he consequently brought back the head of Elemoso to the Alaafin.

Alaafin was impressed by Ogunlola’s prowess and victory that he requested him to stay in the capital Oyo-Ile instead of returning back to his settlement in Ibarapa. Ogunlola politely declined and said ”Ekeji a ma se ohun” meaning ”let me stay yonder”.

Later, travellers passing to and fro, used to refer to Ogbomoso as ”ido eni ti ogbori Elemoso” meaning ”the settlement of him who beheaded Elemoso”. This was later contracted to ‘Ogbori Elemoso’ and finally to ‘Ogbomoso’.



Ogbomoso community has three higher institution of learning namely;

*Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) ranking as the best state university in Nigeria for more than five consecutive times.

*The Baptist Theological Seminary, one of the oldest institutions in Nigeria offering degrees and post graduate degrees in theology, sociology and philosophy.

*Federal Polytechnic Ayede in Ogo Oluwa local government area of Ogbomoro. This institution was newly established under the President Buhari led administration.

Tourism and Leisure

Ogbomosho Tortoise

Ogbomoso has a handful of 5stars and 3stars hotels, bars and relaxation centers. It formally has the oldest Tortiose in history located at the Soun palace. The tortoise called ‘baba agba’ was almost four hundred years old until its demise in 2019.

Health Sector

lautech teaching hospital

Ogbomoso houses two teaching hospital namely; LAUTECH Teaching hospital and BOWEN Teaching hospital, a General hospital and a host of private hospitals.



Ogbomoso has the purest and undiluted form of Yoruba language, it has so many cultural events like the Egungun festival. One of its prominent masqurade is called ‘AJIMOGBODO’-a masqurade that sits in the air.

Ogbomoso people are travellers because they are found everywhere around the Globe. It is often said that anywhere you get to and can’t find an Ogbomoso person, kindly leave there immediately.


Ogbomosho mango

Ogbomoso people engage in trade and farming activities basically as a form of livelihood. The main cash crop in Ogbomoso is cashew and cocoa while Ogbomoso mango has no equality in taste anywhere in Nigeria.

Some of the prominent sons of Ogbomoso includes:

  • Late chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola-Premier of western Nigeria.
  • Late chief Sunday Adewusi- former inspector general of police.
  • Otunba Christopher Adebayo Akala- former governor of Oyo state.
  • Chief Sunday Dare -Minister for youth and sport.
  • Abolore Akande aka 9ice – one of Nigeria’s foremost hip-hop music icon.

In summary the name Ogbomoso rings bell within and outside Nigeria. Ogbomoso play host to different ethnic groups and religious affiliations. Ogbomoso indigenes are very educated, accommodating and have a high sense of humour.

Kunle Ayano

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