In My Fatherland

Keep your hopes and dreams alive

Our loved government is for everyone

For here the weak easily can survive

In my country everything is an illusion!


We’re poor servants of the public

For your good shall we live and die

We’ll relent not, till all is well in our republic

In my country everything is a lie!


Religion adjudge our need for love

Trailing the turbulent groove of tribalism

Culture become past evident prove

In my country everything is nepotism!


Leaders playing us back and forth

All for power, money and fame

Beating us blue black solely for their mirth

In my country everything is a game!


We sing democracy aloud

But live in dire anarchy

With honesty left far behind

In my country everything is crazy!


Our hope is built on nothing less

Than the great giant of Africa we once were

Government woes, we soar in deep mess

In my country everything is severe!


Tomorrow is for the youth, leaders forever say

Masters of lies, who feast upon public’s sweat

Devouring tomorrow with thoughts only for today

In my country everything is deceit!


A land replete with abundant resources

But many wallow in abject lack

Where men tussle with no true cause

In my country everything is black!


Nonetheless, pledged in us is a mysterious clause

A resilient will that forever says “we’ll cope”

Bearing our arduous cross we keep on; for because,

In my country there’s always hope!


Happy Independence to All Nigerians!






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