Very much like most personal write-ups, a blog post provides relatable insights and sustainable information for individuals, groups or associations. It takes a reasonable amount of time, resourcefulness and most importantly, creativity to successfully create a captivating blog post. To truly grasp an easier understanding of the topic at hand, a brief visit to the genesis of it becomes essential.

The age of technological advancement has been by far the most incredible step towards the growth and development of the world at large. The age has brought the term “civilization” to an entirely new path – a fast-paced path. Consequently, the growth and spread of information have metamorphosed the world into a global village. A digitally sustained world we call the internet. This vast world has been by far, a reliable source for the acquisition of one of the most powerful things there is – knowledge. To get this, one seldom requires the right set of information and the internet provides this at the fingertips of hungry seekers. The ease of life with the advent of the internet remains a groundbreaking advancement that technology has brought to mankind.

However, daily activities and information of the tiniest degree seldom prove ambiguously tasking when sought for in the digital world. To ease the task, researchers would make notes of vital information on jotters, notepads and or dairies as simple as they could for improved understanding. This set of concisely extracted information from the virtual world often constitutes a mini knowledge bank on specific events, topics, et cetera; with references to the source. With the advent of the internet, learning has never been easier, more interesting and to a sustainable level, fascinating. Most widely known and consistently plagued virtual world remains to a larger extent, websites. Today, millions of individuals from random locations meet, discuss and share ideas on varying topics. Out of this digital village, blogs were birthed.

Blogs have specific functions and solutions that they offer to the world at large. Like notes and diaries where individuals put down their thoughts, insights and ideas on varying topics; blogs provide this information with special attention to highlights and less attention to exhausting attachments and stories. Blogs provide new information and create forums for individuals; especially those whose hunger for information and news is simply insatiable. One tricky thing about blog writing remains the level of creativity employed in presenting sets of information. Blog posts are often written with careful use of words to capture the interest of the potential reader. Like good stories, the first sentence and or topic of a good blog post should be able to capture and hold the reader for at least a reasonable amount of seconds. Like a step by step process, blog posts require certain ingredients to be good.

First, know what the reader wants. Be informed and updated about the topic of choice and understand the audience for which the post is being created. Afterwards, a catchy title should be the next step for discussion. The reader should be carefully and creatively ushered in with a clear introduction which is a sort of synopsis of the topic. Research is essential for credibility in creating a good blog post. Ambiguous use of words, sentences and paragraphs makes blog posts tiresome and consequently, should be greatly reduced. Like diaries and notes, blog posts should creatively provide a compelling view of the subject matter. This is mostly done with images for visual engagement.

The best part of a blog post is the narrative style. This determines how catchy and how long the reader’s interest will be held. Like a personal interaction with a familiar friend, blog posts provide the same feel except that they are virtual narratives of reality. This is achieved with the narrative tone used. It gives the reader something to always look forward to. Descriptively interesting and engaging topics are a great way to do that. Creative patterns, outlines, drafts and styles give blog posts uniqueness. Finally, a conclusive finish that leaves the reader satisfied and wanting more is a great way to end a blog post. Like a storyteller ending a great tale, the end of a blog post should make the reader interested in reading the next one that follows.

That being said, anyone who so wishes to write a blog post need only go through the aforementioned steps and start. Remember, it is not just a story to be told, it’s your story to be told.

Chizaram D. Ezugwu

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June 7, 2021 10:44 am

I love the creativity employed in presenting this. Very educative and examplified

August 3, 2023 6:14 am

This is a useful and excellent share. Will definitely share it with people I know.