The grass always is greener
And life no doubt will get better
As our voyage here gets older
There’s always hope; do remember

#OLA OGUN (Nigeria)

When life is getting you down,
Don’t sit and mope
Take action and always have hope!

#Mohamed Sulaiman Jalloh (Sierra Leone)

Every night I cry myself to bed,
Hoping that one day, all will be well.
I question my existence,
Yet still clutching on to hope!

#Sanchild (Namibia)

As I go to bed
I envision the day to come
For it Symbolizes hope
And hope I keep on embracing

#Shineesther (Sierra Leone)

Though the tunnel is never-ending,
And my burdens are forever on me,
I see the light ahead,
For hope is my daily bread.

#The Muse (Nigeria)

How mundane
Often I am called “insane”
Perhaps they do not understand me
Even to this very day, I still hope for more

#Mirah (Seychelles)

©Rune Nations

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