FIVE Habits to stay Cyber-Safe

As we expand our horizon and become more dependent on technology, there are some things to take note as well. Cyber crimes are becoming rampant these days, leading to thefts and lost of valuable data. These five habits will help you to be alerted and for you to be digital safe.

Verify links before clicking

The fastest way to steal information about your whole human life, is by collecting the data you typed on the website after clicking. The moment you click on the link, you are more likely to be attacked if you are lost and don’t know how to navigate yourself on the website, you will end up being scouted easily.

Before clicking the link, always verify such website either by asking around or doing some research about it. cyber theft is on the increase and has caused more damages to the users on the internet just by the users lack of information.

Protect your passwords

Before clicking on a website, ensure that you know what it is all about.

Do not disclose such relevant data to the website and always make sure the passwords are unique.

Do not store passwords on your devices.

Use 2 steps authentication if provided.

Ensure you don’t use the same passwords you use for other websites. Be safe.

Protect your stuff!

When in a public circle, ensure you switch off your devices even though where you are going is not far. Don’t trust anyone when you are in a gathering by giving them your devices to keep or hold for you. most people are prone to attacks in public than in their private space. Also, Don’t share sensitive information with anyone.

Update your phone software, browsers, and apps.

Cyber threats are passed through outdated browsers and apps. Criminals on the web are seeking those that have less information about safety and prone to attacks easily. Periodically, upgrade your devices software and safe guard your data storage all the time.

Delete sensitive information when they are no longer in use

Don’t be in the habit of storing information that are no longer needed for more than six (6) months ,they are more prone to cyber threats. Sensitive data such as bank information, Online purchases are the most common data being stolen or looked at by cyber criminals.

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