First-person: The Nollywood Actress, Ada Amen is dead. Stories say she died of the mental health issue of depression.

Second person: Wow, the woman is quite the thing. How could she die of depression? Didn’t she know she had it? Couldn’t she have sought help? All these entertainers really do not take care of themselves. Oh well, may she rest in peace.

Conversations such as this happen to be heard of in the occurrence of the last negative stage of depression. Responses will be given by the ignorant and the not-so-learned and mistakes and errors will be made. Hence, the need for enlightenment on what depression really is.

The World Health Organisation has referred to depression as the leading cause of disability around the world and contributes greatly to the global burden of the disease.  From the illustration, it can be derived that it’s quite a serious and common mental issue. Also, statistics have shown that of a thousand suicide stories, depression is the causative of about 100. This brings forth the elements of depression.

A person can be said to be depressed if after a hurtful incident experiences withdrawal, frequent fatigue, talking alone, spacing out, and tiredness.  These symptoms, usually, are exhibited in various manners in different people. While in some people, withdrawal is by no longer relating with people as much as before, in others, it is the halt in things that used to bring joy. However, irrespective of the mode of action, these symptoms are usually quite obvious to people that are close to the person suffering from this mental health issue.

While it’s perceptible to others, a depressed individual may not know that he or is depressed. This is because, most often than not, it is assumed that the person is grieving from a loss or healing from a hurtful experience. This can either be for a long period of time or recurrent. With effects being manifested in the functionality of the person and in the worst case scenario, death, it is most important to provide assistance to the depressed.

Providing assistance to a depressed person is more often than not, never an easy task. The first cause of action is to identify the reasons behind the sudden deposition or change. Once this is identified, a cause of action can then be implemented.  This identification could be a tricky task because most people assume that for every loss, social relation is needed to help one heal but that’s not necessarily in every case. Some people need personal time to heal and come out from their self-criticising place. On coming out, others are then advised to give them the needed support and affection.

Having identified the need of the person, one should ensure that all possible help is rendered and if need be, professional help is sought. On the note of professional help, more often than not, many people think that psychologists are psychiatrists. They believe that besides studying the mind of people and helping with solutions, psychologists help treat mental diseases. This isn’t the case. Seeking professional help like therapy which could be private or group allows the depressed to personally realise the issue at hand and willfully fight against it. Therefore, usually seeking professional help goes a long way in providing a way out of depression.

There’s nothing as good and beneficial as learning from experience. The bulk of the way to closing the chapter of depression lies with the support of close family or friends. This is because having left the phase of severe depression, it is desired that one does not walk on that path again. This is to say those possible events that can cause the presence of the issue should be avoided. A question might be asked, “what if it’s a case of death or something that is not in your hands?” Now, here comes mind exercise.

What is known by most people is the physical exercise of walking, jogging, and weight lifting among others to ensure physical fitness and strength. They forget that health is categorised into two parts, thus leaving the mental aspect. The mental exercise here involves several actions which could be the personal affirmation of goodness and immense positivity.

This exercise could be listening to music with soft tunes which in turn, helps in the relaxation of the mind. Nature also helps as the person is free from all the negativity that could be in buildings and relationships. Another exercise that is often used is yoga; creative meditation. This is mostly used because it can be personalised. There are no strict rules when it comes to yoga practice.

Saying a person is suffering from depression isn’t an issue to be taken lightly. Humans can be quite weak when overwhelmed with life challenges. During these times, an individual’s support group, if sought, can be the strength needed to overcome and not drift into depression.


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