By Oluwaseun Afolabi, Westlifer, Ola Ogun, Kumuyi Daniel

Rune Nations, the poetry club of Fatherland Gazette releases the first poem which is a spontaneous write up and penned by members from the club with the title Coerced Freedom

Freedom to free
Not in the breed
Impeded in creepy creek
Fallowing jerky jerk

Shuddering grip of clumsy hairy hands,
Measures the reign of forced joy;
Ripping agony of nuts from gnats.
Seeking solace by eloquence consequence,
Ignores queen reign over me.
What tomorrow shall I be?

The glowing glare of shining darkness
A reward of joyful sadness
Like the days of Nero’s madness
Here lies freedom but without gladness

Break the chains with the subtle sword
Tear asunder the gags with your lips
Push! Like the labour of months attached to nine
Coerce you freedom without freedom of coercion.


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