The state of affairs in Africa remains one of growing concern. In very many scenarios, one finds him or herself in a situation where the act of being a Samaritan becomes a necessity. What’s more? The evergreen spike in religion gave to a magnanimous extent, a beautiful rise in conscious ignorance and an acclaimed rise in faith. Armed with this, many innocently fall victim of faith framed calls for Samaritanship. It therefore becomes necessary to be a wary Samaritan. This is because, some people who claim to need help most often, do not.

The man on the bike kept his voice elated as opposed to his colleague who had a calm demeanour. I could not understand why I was of sudden interest. I had heard stories of how bad things happened to good people. It was a cliche that had come to stay.

Minutes earlier had been very exciting for I had reunited with a friend I had thought to never see again.
“You look like the night sky.” She teased.

“What can I say? I did a lot of Sun-kissing.”

“I can see that, looking burnt from the inside.” She punched me lightly before busting into laughter.

“I call it camouflage.” I joined the laughter.

Moments later, we’d bid each other farewell and I was on my way home when the two men approached me accusing themselves of being lost. Since I did not know the place they sought, I quickly made to leave.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help you.”

That seemed to spark their interest.

“Please we’re strangers.” One started. “We are here for business and don’t wish to fall prey to thieves.” The man who eventually identified himself as Prince summarized. He looked hungry.

I shook my head as I made to leave once again.

“The police station isn’t far from here. Just follow these lights backwards.”

I pointed at the street lights that were beginning to come on.

“And that’s a church upfront if you don’t like the police helping you.”

I left them and was only minutes away from them when a bike stopped before me. The man on it (who had identified himself as Tony) was the second man from my earlier encounter minutes ago. Once he had stopped, his voice took on a progressive rise as he expressed his displeasure with my attitude. Ignoring him, I kept walking. Funny thing, he followed. Prince soon joined him on foot. I had stopped at a cross zone, waiting for traffic light so as to cross over to the other side of the road. The skies were beginning to turn pale. As I waited for the traffic lights, they stopped and the man on the bike got loud.

The traffic light turned red when the man stopped.

“You don’t know what you’re missing.” He stated. “We are going to reward you handsomely if you help us.”

I said nothing and left them. Moments later, another like me ran past me like one terribly freightened. Poor guy had offered to help the strangers and had fallen prey to their ways. The advice and opinion therefore becomes one of caution. Be a Samaritan with caution if you so wish to play the role. Rewards were never mentioned as consequent benefits to being one.

Chizaram D. Ezugwu

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May 19, 2021 2:37 pm

Wonders will never cease…

I pity the innocent victims seriously.

June 1, 2021 5:46 pm

Interesting read. Nice one admin,