Becoming A True African – Part II

As an African, what truly defines you is how you take your position in the international community. How quick are you in your decision making? How do you react when someone says irrational views about Africa. How do you know you are of huge potential in a conversation about Africa. You need to consider all these facts before you can call yourself a true African. “The drums of Africa still beat in my heart” – Mary Bethune

A True African Doesn’t settle For Less

Yes. Aiming for higher grounds should be your first choice when you are outside the African community. You take huge advantage of representing the whole African community. If there is a huge risk you must consider, take that risk. Remember don’t settle for less.

A True African Has Respects For Other Africans

Response to respect in the African community is treated as one of the best acts of culture in Africa. As an African, You must learn how to respect those of higher authority. You must also obey the rules and regulations.

A True African Remembers that there is no place like home

Wherever you find yourself in the international community, Always be the first to remind yourself that home is Africa and Africa is home.. “I never knew of a morning In Africa when I woke up that I was not happy” – Ernest Hemingway

“Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them” -William Makena. Africa as a whole continent is regarded pointlessly as a black man nation. Every time a black man is seen, what comes to the mind of everyone is he is an African.

In every part of the world, you will always find a black man, A man who is been judged by the world as a thriving man looking to accomplish great things. Different scenarios have been observed by the international community on how Africans outside the continent are making use of the opportunity to make good examples.

Africans are setting standards for themselves in areas like sustainable growth, education, Arts & Entertainment, sports and leadership.

Being a good and a true African requires that you create a good impact for yourself and for those around you. You also make a positive impact on foreigners that are interested to learn African values and traditions.

Most times I try to think that Africans can create something from nothing and they have this unique strength that a white man does not possess. Africa is blessed with a beautiful heart, beautiful culture and beautiful people. The saying “black is beautiful”, black is truly beautiful.

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