Don’t know why people are always proud of their cultural heritage? Ever seen a culture that is cohesive with 99.1% of the country’s population practicing it? Well, lets find out Why and How.

Lesotho, A landlocked country surrounded by The Republic of South Africa was first inhabited by the popular Bushmen who were believed to have roamed southern Africa. In the 1700s and 1800s, tribal/ethnic wars in southern Africa lead many tribes to flee away from their base. Some of the survivors of the war made their way into the highlands of what is now known as Lesotho.

Lesotho, surrounded by large view of mountains with an amazing nature has been an undisputed tourist destinations in Africa. The country could boast of beautiful parks and natural reserves, heritage sites and also wildlife.

Sesotho, The Native language of The Basotho people followed by English was one of the first African languages that was written down and that have an extensive literature.

Lesotho’s national anthem, ” Lesotho Fatse La Bo – ntata Rona” which mean “Lesotho, Land of our forefathers”.

The people of Lesotho are also called Basotho(plural) and Mosotho(singular).

The cuisine of Lesotho is greatly influenced by African tradition and that of the British. The national dish of Lesotho is Motoho, a corn meal porridge eaten throughout the country. Also common is the local beer(joale).

Ceremonies but mostly funerals and weddings drain family assets as the family honor is heavily dependent on the taste and quantity of food. Roasting of cow and chicken must served in any ceremony.

The style of buildings isnt different from other cultures. The traditional design of Housing in Lesotho is called Mokhoro (walls constructed from large stones cemented together). The collection of buildings belonging to one family is known as Kraals.

Cultural musical instruments include the setolo–tolo, played by men using their mouth, the lekololo a flute used by herding boys and the woman’s stringed thomo.

Wool is a major source of income both from Memo sheep and Mohair from Angora goats.

Thaba Bosiu, is known as the birth place of the tribe and the burial place of Basotho rulers.

Traditional attire revolves around the Basotho blanket. The blanket are worn throughout the country during all seasons and worn by men and women.

Although many Basotho live outside the tribe, but their attachment to the culture is still very strong.

A prominent arts and music festival, Morija Arts & Cultural Festival is held annually in the town of Morija, where it was believed that the first missionaries had stayed in 1833.

The Kingdom of Lesotho, Formerly known as Basutoland is unique as being the only country in the world with all it’s surroundings situated more than 3,280 feet above Sea level.

A popular dance Ndlamo is performed in any traditional wedding as a ceremony is incomplete without this dance.

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