APRIL POETRY CONTEST : Lesson From the Past

lesson from the past

April’s edition of Rune Nation’s poetry contest was tagged ‘Lesson From the Past’ and among the submissions that were received, below are the top 3. Enjoy!


Scars (by Mirah)

Come closer he said
I am your father’s friend
There is nothing to fear
I am No mere stranger

I love you he said
I believed him, I was a child

He left without an ounce of remorse
I got older

I am choking

He has a family
They look so happy
Do I speak up?
Do I break them as he did me?
My conscience won’t let me

I am grown up
Still he haunts my sleep
I wonder how he sleeps at night
A 2 year olds might

Trust issues
Plentiful scars
Lesson from the past yet to be conquered in my sleeps


The Patient Dog (by Aminu Salihu)

They say;
The patient dog eats the fattest bone.
I’ve been patient but not tasted the tiniest bone.

Maybe it was just a cliché of our fathers old.
To restrain us from becoming bold.

If it be that,
Then I regret all my lost pasts;
The lady I loved
The food I craved
The chances I missed.

Patience, they say;
Fetches a dog the fattest bone.
Patience, I say;
Brought me nothing but nothingness.


Avoid Her (by Difreeh the poet)

At first, I thought she was the one,
Too bad I was not even in the first one,
She brought hope,
But all this were in the Dreamland,

Everyone complained I had changed,
With no time, her Love for me slowly changed,

In her life I was a story,
As to me I still give the story,

She left without saying bye,
With a big lie,
She never gave me a Chance
Even agreeing to join me for Lunch,
She never thought of my needs,
My heart bleeds.

She never looked back,
She was never determined to come back,

Was I the reason for her leaving?
Or it was just my poor living?
Was it my low earning?
Was I young to be a daddy?
Avoid Her my Brother,
Your life she will bother,
Stay away from her at your age,
Your life she has come to arrange,
She wants one with a Range,
Please work hard and invest,
If you don’t wanna be her test,
Because one with money is her taste.

A special thank you to all poets who participated in the contest.

We hope you enjoyed the poems… watch out for the next edition.

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