A WISH (Poem)

I wish the sun upon this land will forever set
And the clever moon will take eternal rest
I wish the stars will lose their fading light
That darkness might lay its wonted nest

I wish the history books were better written
That I was indeed a hero not the outcast villain
I wish yesterday’s record can easily be undone
That myself I might rekindle to never be alone

I wish the sky will never again weep in pain
That there might never be such a thing as rain
I wish the soggy clouds above will dry and drain
That rainstorm might never be seen again

I wish our paths never had crossed
That my story you never did know or read
I wish we never grew close or get accustomed
That from you this piteous me was hid

I wish the rivers will overflow to blazing flood
That the waters might raze this land for good
I wish nature itself had long been murdered
That my glum like wildfire might spread abroad

I wish this age I could erase as a forgotten folklore
That it comes to an early end this sorry tale of woe
I wish to dream from which to wake no more
That this nightmare might forever be gone

Poem by: OLA OGUN

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