Health institutions over the years have been victims of poor funding. Most times, in Nigeria for example, health workers have had to embark on industrial action and agitate for improved standard of living. While other institutions enjoy better budget allocation, the Ministry of health has continued to experience neglect from the government. In Nigeria’s 2020 budget, a meagre sum of 44.5 billion naira was allocated to the ministry of health. This allocation is expected to serve the basic health needs of Nigerians who are over 180million. 

With over 3 million confirmed cases worldwide and over 215,000 global deaths as well as over 900,000 recoveries in the world, Coronavirus, which is otherwise referred to as Covid19, has become man’s Nightmare. Who would have expected or envisaged a period of total or partial lockdown of states that never sleep due to the rapid increase and spread of this novel pandemic? As a result of the Novelty of the virus, governments have constantly put in place safety measures aimed at curbing the continuous spread and increase of the virus.

In the last couple of weeks, Nigeria has seen a geometric increase in the number of covid19 cases recorded. As at 28th April, 2020, according to the Nigeria centre for disease control (NCDC), a total of 1532 cases had been confirmed with 256 discharged and 44 death recorded. In a country with deplorable and weak health institutions, our health workers have risen up to the challenge of ensuring the health of Nigerians is guaranteed. Many health workers though owed one allowance or the other have chosen to fight the global enemy rather than agitate for their rights.

As we all know, in line of essential duties, there can be fatalities and unwanted life threatening situations. While attending to those carriers of this virus, some health workers are exposed to this virus and sometimes also become positive when tested. Some recover from this setback while others do not. Over the past couples of weeks, there have been reported cases of health workers contracting the virus of which there have also been few fatalities among them. Since health practitioners work in close proximity with confirmed cases, our health workers daily risk their lives to ensure that Nigerians are safe and healthy. Hopefully the efforts of these personnel will not go unnoticed by the government.

Many of these health workers are unknown and might not be seen or heard throughout this phase but they are appreciated by Nigerians and the world. To all health workers in Nigeria and around the world, we say a big thank you. Even as we hope and pray for a better Nigeria, we cannot ignore the service to humanity rendered by all workers. While others rest at home, you all go to work daily so our countries can be safe and healthy. Once again, we appreciate your service and applaud you daily for the excellent job you do.

As citizens, we should play our part in curbing the spread of coronavirus by following health guidelines put in place by the government and the ministry of health. “Stay safe, Take Responsibility”.

This article was written for Fatherland Gazette by SOLA ALOGBA




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