A New Culture

There is a new culture that has been discovered! Previously known in many ways as a language of the heart, studies have shown its magnanimous transformation in modern times. It is the culture of dark love. Love is not overrated. At least not in its purest form. The beautiful truth there is that it is as old as time itself. However, a sad but true reality of it also is that it is now a new culture with biased practices. This cuts across societies, regions and nations. As a fundamental principle and integral part of every human species, love transcends every other thing in perception, expression and containment. This creates a variation of love amongst individuals whose understanding of it comes with experience.

Consequent to but not completely faulted to the advent of digitalisation, love has been severely drifted away from its true definition. It is most often perceived as the language of romance. Something that can be misguided by lust and obsession – the common language of modern love. This has been perceived as a new fundamentally sound culture. One which has been severely faulted. This is why very many individuals fall in and out of love frequently. To better examine and understand the precepts of love in its purity and light, a quick detour to the dark side of love will be taken herein.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Darkness can be perceived through this very essential organ. In light of unfortunate occurrences, darkness has become the new light. This explains why many individuals easily get addicted and obsessive in the name of love. If you are still wondering how love can be dark sided, then check out these common symptoms that can make love dark sided.

  • Uncontrolled heartaches: the individual that refuses to lean on the beauty that love brings can easily suffer from heartaches. This in turn broods a hunger for frequent reaffirmation of the bonds shared.
  • Unnecessary jealousy: Studies have shown that jealousy is deadly and can easily go out of control. With even the slightest hint of jealousy, doubt grows and trust wavers. This makes the victim question every action of the other and even misinterpret them.
  • Needy attitude: When an individual always seeks to have the other around, this becomes unhealthy and often suffocates the bonds shared. Neediness can also mean the sole interaction of the individual with the other emotionally and mentally.
  • Unhealthy craving for physical closeness: Also addressed as clinginess, this can be associated with the attribute of wanting no one else around the individual of choice save the bond’s sharer. It really inhibits the chance of growth.
  • Heightened insecurity: Great fear broods here and this pushes an individual to action to avoid losing the other. This becomes unnatural and can end good bonds prematurely.
  • Lack of self-love: Affected individuals begin to hate themselves and can go as far as putting themselves through untold physical, emotional and mental tortures. Sometimes, when the causative other remains indifferent to such obvious or hidden developments, the victim loses faith in living.

These are but a brief overview of the dark side of love. Something that has pervaded cultures and is now a new culture on its own in lewd manners. Love remains a powerful force. As such, it can be associated with wonderful living. Notwithstanding, it can also yield a negated outcome should care be thrown to the wind. A need, therefore, arises to re-evaluate the core values and morals that this new culture preaches for a healthier tomorrow. For our sake and that of those to come.

Chizaram D. Ezugwu

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