A Love Story of Days: Friday, the Beloved Wife

Days of the week

Seven wedded wives do you possess. You try to love all daily in excess, but you fail in every attempt, because each of them is not alike, and giving them equal love becomes impossible. 

Monday is like a strict mistress, assigning chores and responsibilities with an unyielding hand. As the week progresses, the days take their turns, bringing with them their unique characteristics. Tuesday arrives a pretty but unpredictable spouse, occasionally bringing unexpected sores that require attention.

Wednesday, the kind-hearted wife, stands in the gap, offering relief and support. Thursday takes her turn, allowing Wednesday a well-deserved break. The days come and go, each with its distinct personality. Then comes Friday, whose presence is always greatly felt. 

Friday is a breath of fresh, open air. Her absence is felt keenly when she’s not around. She’s loved in the future, present, and past, no matter how or when she comes, she’s the right day. She knows how to make you blue when you’re feeling red. She brings with her a certain excitement that you can’t explain, she’s that much-needed respite, the perfect companion for winding down after a long week. You love her like no other, in her presence you find solace. 

In comes Saturday, the adventurer of the week, she is all about fun and excitement. She’s the ideal partner for exploring new experiences and taking a break from routine. In her spirit, she helps to discover the importance of life adventures, and leisure. She’s like the therapist you always get for free. 

Finally, Sunday takes the stage as the day of reflection. She teaches you to look back on the week’s events, learn from experiences, and prepare for the week ahead. Sunday reminds you that introspection and planning are essential for growth and success. She’s the wife who helps you get ready for your weekly deliverables. 

Amid the weekly story of love, The most beloved wife isn’t the first or the last, it’s Friday, the one who transcends time and place. She’s constant, her presence is always looked forward to. She’s a reliable source of comfort and joy. She’s a whole new experience. Be thankful for her beautiful existence.


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