2023 New Year Poetry Submission

Happy New Year from Rune Nations

As we celebrate another new year, here is a collection of poems from Rune Nations. Enjoy!

New year is coming

New year is coming

The new year is coming
A new day is breaking
Oh earth take thy new age
And heaven, thy glory

How happy we are
On this wonderful hour
Our tons of wishes
Now fly to the sky

A blissful moment like this
Would it forever stay at ease
Dazzling moonlight and lively air
So wholly quiet and free

This day which God has given us
That we may be thankful and joyous
The new year is now a second away
Rejoice oh earth and fill with love

Temidayo Semilore

Happy New year

Happy New Year poem

Happy New Year
A new brighter sunshine
As the dawn of a new year breaks
A silence that should be broken
A promise everyone is praying for

Happy new year
Our hearts lingering for the coming blessing
Our hopes and dreams get birthed
Birthed by the mercy of God
And our hearts anticipate greatness

Happy new year
Our remaining days are filled with joy
But do we think about those without anything?
Do we ever remember the struggles that await us?
Or do we just move along with nice time?

Happy new year
Let’s ready our hearts as we anticipate
A new year filled with love and care for those abandoned
Our dreams awaiting us or will we reject them?
Let’s be merry and celebrate the new year
A new dawn that will brighten up our souls
A new year that will be filled with grace and glory
Happy New Year

James the poet

Let us go there

Let us go there

Somewhere on the edges of this passing year,
I see the shinning lights of true love and care,
I can see the signs of success and more things to share,
Shining from a distance of only a few days and I really long to get there.

The year 2023 is a beautiful land,
A land that awaits you, your family and your friend.
It is indeed a city of glimmering lights,
Constructed with hard work and sleepless nights.
Designed with happy tunes and enjoyable melodies,
To help you forget about the painful memories
And to bandage the bleeding wounds triggered by 2022,
To wipe away your tears, and to comfort you.

Now, let us go there
Let us go grab the new opportunities that have been so rare,
Tell your friends and your family to say: ” Happy New Year!”

The Young Philosopher

Special thanks to all our contributors. We wish you a happy new year!

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