2022 Christmas Poetry Submission

Merry Christmas

Here are a couple of poems to brighten your mood as we celebrate Christmas.

My dear Christmas

My dear Christmas

How sweet to know that this is your day!
On this darling winter’s morning
This comely moonlight, though rough and pale
Was my first sight after waking

The cloud is foggy and wearing up the hills
It is tranquil like the dew drop
I was blown away by the cold winds
And I could see snow in some parts of the world

Happiness has blown the children away
And a couple too, can’t help but cuddle
This darling early merry day
Chicken scent has gone straight to heaven

Oh my dear Christmas
How sweet to know that this is your day!
Blissful, comely, bright, and lovesome
How I wish you come every day!

Temidayo Semilore

Am I insane?

Am I insane

Christmas? What a waste I say!
All the spending of money
To celebrate a single day

“It’s Jesus’ birthday we are celebrating “
Really? You must be joking
It’s Christ you’re mocking
In one AD this day would be shocking
Thought-provoking and logic lacking

“Well at least you get to spend a day with your family”
365 days a year and your family time is picked sparingly
Aimlessly and arbitrarily

What does Christmas mean to me?
Christmas doesn’t mean a thing
A day of fake bonding
Sharing meals pretending
it’s love you sharing
Fude brawling, liveliness crawling and madness crouching.

But let’s smile and pretend there is perfection in this day.
Let’s pretend to love each other just for a day
Let’s hold hands and pretend we are noble, what do you say?
Or am I insane?

Pessimist Darkness

Let’s Get Away for Christmas

Lets get away for Christmas

This Christmas I want to spend it with my babe,
Babe put a smile on your beautiful face
Let us find the loveliest place
Then we disappear into the jungle of festive days.
Just prepare more love for your beloved boy,
Then we go hide from pain under the shades of joy.
Play with me; make me your toy.

Well, let us go live in the Christmas world,
For these two days, let us celebrate the birth of our lord.
Let us buy the little things we can afford,
To decorate these days and make them bold,
We should buy the most beautiful flowers ever sold,
Then we tell the most interesting stories ever told.

Wait, where is my beloved sister?
She should come and take a beautiful picture,
While holding each other in hands,
Enjoying Christmas as happy friends.
Tell her to prepare some delicious food,
And to bake some cake written Jesus, to put us in the Christmas mood.

Let us joyfully choose to remember,
The special 25th of December,
To celebrate the birth of those who died for us on the cross.

The Young Philosopher


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Happy smiling faces
Happiness precedes their joy
A blessed holiday
Family and friends gather
Tight together like chains that can’t be broken

Merry Christmas
Children singing joyful songs
Children dancing with beautiful smiles
Everyone is dancing to the newborn king
A king who will be hung on a cross like the capital T
But let’s see how he sets humanity free
A silent and holy night
A king that wants to kill the newborn king
Herod is envious and enraged and caged by his anger

Merry Christmas
Happy holiday, as we see a silent day
Holy and quiet hour as angels sing and rejoice
The shepherds and people rejoice for the King of kings
Our burdens and pains he will atone for till death he will defeat
Merry Christmas

James the Poet

A king in a manger

A king in a manger

A tiny heartbeat steadily within the baby boy’s mother,
The blood circulating through that tiny heart puff brave,
Yearn to melt violence and all sort of others,
Change millions across the centuries, for whom He came,
Helping sorrowful, heartbroken unsmiling skies from being sober.

Obesiancely, He arrived in a dim and dark manger,
Filled with the usual odour of a loopy stable,
Sharing His hospital room with animals was a true saga,
Born of a virgin who was a rare twinkle,
What a rapturous moment it must have been,
The elders couldn’t wait; not even in a blink.

Mother Mary held you tight; for You were the light,
Smiling with glee and disclosing no sign of fright,
As she knew the secret from beginning to end,
Just like it was written in John one, verses nine and ten
Born and bound for crucifixion to mend lives torn,
Made people smile for good news had been in short supply for a long.

And if He had been in a palace with great wealth,
For in vain would have been Matthew two – two,
Trustless royalty and disbelief of the King that was sent,
Now I find delight in the praises I sing,
For so closely and trustingly daily I cling.

No voice can sing,
Nor heart can frame
No tongue can say,
Nor can a pen show,
How sweet and mind-blowing this great King’s birth was,
Born of a woman, under the law, in a lowly feeder.


Special thanks to all our contributors. Happy Yuletide!!!

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