2021: Beyond the New Year Jamboree

Happy New Year

There is no denying the fact that every new year is always filled with lots of jamborees, merriment and celebrations. This is perhaps what makes every new year special as we all get to enjoy the holiday with friends and family in a cheerful atmosphere. However, what then happens after the new year celebration? Everybody disperses, those who travelled to their towns and villages return home to continue work as usual. Students resume their usual schooling routine and almost everything returns to normal. All the “new year new me”, “new year resolution” and other popular new year maxim are soon forgotten and we then begin to circle back towards another new year.

Over the years, this roller-coaster ride has been the case for many. Many new year resolutions hardly make it past the first week of the year and those that do, often get abandoned before the end of the first quarter of the year. This can no doubt be linked to the fact that we often get so excited about the new year that we forget that it doesn’t change who we are and what we can possibly achieve. More often than not, we get so engrossed in the new year festivities and start making outrageous and unrealistic plans. For some, sheer laziness and procrastination are the bane that continues to prevent them from realizing their new year goals. Also, lack of determination, diligence and self-will play vital roles in many abandoned new year dreams and goals. Think back to the past few years, which of these have prevented you from achieving your past goals?

The year 2021 is unusual in many ways as the world continues to adjust to the realities of a pandemic that is running riot across countries. Unlike previous years, the coronavirus pandemic has dampened the magnitude of the conventional new year jamboree. New year celebrations are no longer as elaborate as they used to be and while celebrating, we are continually reminded to adhere to health directives such as wearing a face mask and others, which is almost no fun at all. However, these bizarre realities have not prevented the new year jamboree. Now that the jamboree is gradually dissipating, what next?

Every new year comes with a new prospect for a better tomorrow. Just like always, time has once again given us a new beginning. We have been presented with a new opportunity to reflect on past failures and build on yesterday’s successes. Though to some, the new year might simply be just another change in calendar. For others, it may just be an opportunity to celebrate and be festive. However, beyond the jamboree, we have been graciously given the opportunity to consciously work on realizing our dreams, goals and hopes for the year.

Without doubt, 2020 was shocking. The coronavirus pandemic took the centre stage and almost turned the world upside down. Both developed and developing countries experienced harsh times in 2020. In Nigeria for example, there was economic recession and unprecedented inflation. So, it stands to reason that for many, the plan for 2021 will be to recover all that was lost in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic. However, be sure to remember that none of this plans or new year resolutions will materialize unless you make dedicated conscious efforts to achieve them. In conclusion, keep your new year goals simple, don’t be overly unrealistic and take deliberate actions towards realizing these goals. You will be surprised by the result. 

From all of us at Fatherland Gazette, we wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

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