10 Reasons Why You Need To Keep Smiling

Ever seen someone smile so hard and in your mind, you will be wondering if the person is mad? smiling is a word used for a person to showcase how happy an event is or if the event had occurred in the past the person can remember and smile.

Smiling can come in two forms. showing or grinding of teeth and making your cheeks become big. Smiling is a beautiful way to enjoy life.

Smiling makes you look attractive.

People love someone that is so happy and full of life. When you smile, you feel good and your body carefully notes the state of your mood. In this way, your face is eccentric and people can approach you. Trust me, no one wants a dull face. 

Smiling gives people around you hope

You give light to someone that could be feeling down or depressed about a particular event. People love to spend quality time with someone that resonates good tidings.  When you smile, people around you feel good and forget all their worries.

Smiling gives less stress 

You may be going through a difficult time but when you smile for a few seconds you realize how it reduced your stress level and you feel like scaling a wall. Smiling does magic to the body. When you smile, you feel strengthened and able to carry out tasks. Smiling also helps to prevent you from looking tired, and worn out. 

Smiling make you healthier 

When you smile, you are far away from being sick. Smiling drives away diseases from you and activate strong hormones to keep you strong and in a good shape.  Smiling releases endorphins, and serotonin. Smiling is a perfect drug.

Smiling gives you a positive feeling 

It is hard, yes, but smile. Smiling reduces negativity and drives away bad feelings or thoughts. When we smile, our body system is relieved of mental stress and sends a wonderful message which is LIFE IS GOOD!…. Stay away from negativity and if you can’t, just smile. 

Smiling resonates your face and makes you look younger 

Using body creams sometimes doesn’t work, it only protects you from germs. When you smile, the muscles on your face are lifted and make you look sweet sixteen or a young knight looking for a bride! Don’t go a day without smiling and if you don’t,  positive compliments start to come. So smile. 

Smiling lowers your blood pressure

When you smile, there is a heavy inhale inside your body that is driven out. Smiling reduces a lot of heartache and causes you to live more than your expected time. It lowers the high risk of you endangering your health span.  Smiling is an antibiotic that helps a lot. 

Smiling  changes mood 

Smiling is a mood lifter. Whether you are feeling bad or strange, your smile can change your present situation. You feel a lot more informed and activated for the future. Smiling makes you look awesome.

Smiling looks successful 

Smiling can make you look good about your appearance. You might feel you are below average or not enough but when you smile and give a positive note to others, you are seen as a successful champ. Smiling makes you look so confident and appear differently to others who are in your situation.

Smiling boosts the immune system 

This is a well-known fact. Smiling can boost your immune system and protect your life span. When you smile, your immune system is active and fully activated. It functions well and can reduce your risk of being sick. It makes you feel more relaxed. 

Not only will you feel much better when you smile, but you also drive out crazy and awkward situations around you. However, when you smile, there is a profound influence on your body system and your life. Try smiling today and watch how your environment change. Life is not hard, smile harder!

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